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Pooh fun for all ages

■ At our lo­cal gar­den cen­tre, there is a lovely gar­den with a river run­ning through which has a bridge over it. They have put this box on it so chil­dren can play Pooh sticks. I thought it was a lovely idea, and for adults too!

Jeanette Young, Worcs

Float­ing your boat

■ Mar­garet Mather’s re­cent ar­ti­cle A Life on the Ocean Wave brought back lots of fond mem­o­ries of my school cruise. The hol­i­day was an an­nual event and we all looked for­ward to it be­ing our turn. I went to my mem­ory box and found the folder given to us, in­clud­ing my iden­tity card of me aged 15, a bon voy­age from our head­mistress and the pay­ment card for the cruise, a grand to­tal of £84.50! We cruised on the SS Nevasa, fly­ing to Venice then cruis­ing to Turkey, Le­banon and

Rude cus­tomers

■ I couldn’t be­lieve it when a cashier at a su­per­mar­ket was re­ported to the man­age­ment for po­litely ask­ing a cus­tomer to re­frain from us­ing a mo­bile phone at the check­out. By way of apol­ogy, the man­agers plied the cus­tomer with vouch­ers for the store. This kind of phone use goes on a lot in su­per­mar­kets, with cus­tomers bal­anc­ing phones up by their ears while pack­ing their bags with their free hands. This par­tic­u­lar cus­tomer paid by card and never once ac­knowl­edged the cashier the whole time. Don’t these peo­ple re­alise that check­out staff are real peo­ple with feel­ings, not ro­bots? I’ve never seen such rude­ness in my life. Has any­one else ex­pe­ri­enced this? Joanne Maggs, East Sus­sex Crete. All this took place in Novem­ber 1971. I know I’m very lucky and thank my par­ents for af­ford­ing this hol­i­day. And I’m so pleased I kept all the pho­tos and in­for­ma­tion.

Pamela Hill, Lincs

■ I was very interested in Mar­garet Mather’s men­tion of the ship Dunera. My hus­band served aboard the then troop­ship Dunera as a mem­ber of the Royal Army Med­i­cal Corps in 1956/57, sail­ing from Southampton. One of the trips was to pick up troops from the Suez Canal and he also had sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ences of rough seas in the Bay of Bis­cay, smash­ing a port­hole on one oc­ca­sion. We even named our house


Ann Lee, Es­sex

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