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No more creases

If a gar­ment you want to wear is a bit creased, zap it with a hairdryer, smooth­ing as you go. It works a treat. Mrs Chap­man, York

Cauli treat

When I make cau­li­flower cheese I al­ways make the sauce with a can of cream of mush­room soup and grated cheese – very tasty. I use the cauli leaves as a sec­ond veg.

June Pep­per, King’s Lynn

Nee­dle trick

If you find cot­ton dif­fi­cult to thread through a nee­dle, spray a lit­tle hair­spray on the end of the cot­ton thread and pinch it. It will stiffen up nicely and go through the eye of the nee­dle more eas­ily.

Jennifer Grist, Hamp­shire

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