Keep colour in your gar­den

Karen Mur­phy chooses some au­tumn bulbs guar­an­teed to brighten any gar­den

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Just be­cause sum­mer flow­ers are fad­ing, it doesn’t mean an end to colour in your gar­den. There are many beau­ti­ful bulbs that shine in au­tumn, pop­ping up on cool days to brighten and cheer. Most of this se­lec­tion should be planted by the end of sum­mer, so they have time to get es­tab­lished be­fore they bloom be­tween Septem­ber and Novem­ber.

Colchicum ag­grip­inum Free-flow­er­ing, pink pe­tals, che­quered with white. Prefers full sun in moist, drained soil. Height & spread: 10cm (4in).

Tip: Plant in a rock gar­den or raised bed.

From: www. pot­ter­ Call 01472 851714.

Cy­cla­men hed­er­i­folium Mar­bled heart-shaped leaves, with small flow­ers in pink or white. Likes moist, well-drained soil in dap­pled shade. Height & spread: 12.5x15cm (5x6in).

Tip: Use­ful for plant­ing be­neath trees.

From: www.plants for­

Call 01963 32802

Ner­ine bow­denii Pink, spi­dery flow­ers and strap-shaped green leaves later. Grow in moist, welldrained soil in full sun. Height & spread: 45x15cm (18x6in). Tip: For Mediter­raneanstyle or gravel gar­dens. From: www. burn­ Call 01209 860316

Stern­ber­gia lutea

Au­tumn daf­fodil with yel­low flow­ers among lin­ear leaves. Welldrained soil in full sun. Leave undis­turbed.

Height: 10-15cm (4-6in).

Tip: Plant in drifts near path edges.

From: www.sut­tons.

Call 0844 326 2200

Hes­per­an­tha coc­cinea Stiff up­right stems with red, star-like flow­ers. Prefers any moist, welldrained soil in sun. Height & spread: 60x30cm (24x12in).

Tip: Plant next spring. Makes a good cut flower.

From: www.cro­ Call 01344 578111

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