(aka Mo) is back for a guest run in Holby City. Here she chats to Yours about what makes her tick and why good man­ners are so im­por­tant

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Man­ners cost noth­ing

My par­ents were very strict on my brothers, sis­ters and I hav­ing man­ners. We’d walk into some­body’s house and, if you hadn’t said hello within two sec­onds, you’d get a glare. If you see some­one that needs a seat, you get up. It’s im­por­tant, but sim­ple to be po­lite. It’s about re­spect. I learned my work ethic from them, too. My dad was an ac­coun­tant, my mum was a mid­wife and now has a nurs­ery. Their ethos was to work hard and al­ways be gain­fully em­ployed.

Ig­nore clothes sizes!

Some of the best ad­vice I’ve been given is about clothes. He­len Ash­ley, cos­tume de­signer on Holby City, said: “It doesn’t mat­ter what size it is as long as it fits well and you feel good.” There were times she’d buy me clothes and take out the la­bel. We get so hung up on sizes, but what’s an 18 in one shop could be a 14 in an­other.

True friends are so pre­cious

I’ve a friend called Akiya who, if I needed her, would drop ev­ery­thing, get in the car and come over. A true friend will al­ways pick up the phone. A true friend will text out of the blue to check up on you – that’s been im­por­tant when I’ve had bouts of de­pres­sion. Peo­ple text to say: ‘Just check­ing in on you to­day…’ They know not to call – there are times you re­ally don’t want to talk – but a text that says: ‘I’m here when you need me’ is a sign they’re think­ing of you. It means a lot.

Take peo­ple as they are

It’s scary how fast time flies. You haven’t got time to worry about whether peo­ple like you or not, or if you have a few wrin­kles. In the grand scheme of things, no­body cares. Let it all go. I’ve stopped ob­sess­ing with my weight or what I look like, it just doesn’t mat­ter. I think if some­one doesn’t take you as you are then they are not worth be­ing in your life.

Be­ing trust­wor­thy is a very im­por­tant qual­ity

I think three words that best de­scribe me are an­i­mated, un­pre­dictable and trust­wor­thy. Peo­ple say: ‘Don’t say any­thing, but…’ and they’ll talk about some­body else. I’d never tell the other per­son – I don’t think it would help. I don’t like cre­at­ing con­flict. I’m trust­wor­thy in that way and also in a re­la­tion­ship. I’ve never cheated be­cause I’d never want to be cheated on. Loy­alty is im­por­tant. And, as Judge Judy says: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a good mem­ory.”

Laugh as much as you can…

… that’s my life phi­los­o­phy. Have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t wait un­til some­body dies to send them flow­ers. Save a bit of money, yes – we all need to pay the bills – but don’t hoard your money for a rainy day. It’s rain­ing now. This world is just go­ing to hell in a hand­cart, it re­ally is, so while you can, en­joy your life.

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