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CFL (com­pact flu­o­res­cent lamp) bulbs were once the most en­ergy-ef­fi­cient bulbs you could own, but now they’re in sec­ond place be­hind LEDs. In­stead of us­ing fil­a­ment tech­nol­ogy such as the ob­so­lete tra­di­tional in­can­des­cent bulbs, they use an elec­tric cur­rent and a phos­pho­rous coat­ing on the in­side of the bulb to cre­ate a glow, mean­ing less en­ergy is wasted on heat.

✔ Typ­i­cally uses 60-80 per cent less en­ergy than tra­di­tional bulbs

✔ Pro­duces warm and soft light

✔ Gen­er­ally has a longer life­span than halo­gens and can be as cheap at £2 per bulb

✘ Can take time to warm up and get bright so not the best choice for bath­rooms and stairs where you re­quire in­stant light

✘ It con­tains small amounts of mer­cury and needs to be dis­posed of care­fully

✘ Can be dif­fi­cult to find ones that

are smaller

✘ Don’t al­ways work with dim­mers


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