Natural fixes for allergies

Lizzy Dening asks if staying indoors so much has made our allergies worse – and what we can do about it...


It’s that blocked-nose and runnyeyes time of year again – but after a year of mostly home-bound life, might we find we’re more affected by our allergies when we get out and about again? Quite possibly.

“Usually when we start spending more time outdoors as the weather improves and pollen levels start gradually increasing, we are desensitis­ed. As lockdown eases and we start spending more time outside in the summer, pollen levels will likely be high. This may come as a shock to the system and trigger allergies,” says GP Dr Thuva Amuthan. The pandemic also means the dust levels in our homes

If we’re sneezing more, last summer’s lovely weather is likely to be the culprit!

may be higher after spending so much time in them, which could further exacerbate allergies.

“Keeping windows open – which is advice we’re often given to reduce Covid spread – can also let in pollen,” says Max Wiseberg, an authority on airborne allergens.

On top of that, there’s every chance this year may be particular­ly bad anyway. “Last summer we had nice warm weather, which helped trees and grass to grow healthily, and means they have more pollen, so there’s a potential for this spring and summer to be bad for people with allergies,” says Max.

So, if you’re prone to seasonal sniffles, all the more reason to try out some natural remedies. See below for some ideas to curb your sneezing!

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