Economy of Ukraine (Russian) - - НАУЧНЫЙ ЖУРНАЛ “ЭКОНОМИКА УКРАИНЫ”. — 2017. — - O. L. Y A R E M E N K O, Professor, Doctor of Econ. Sci., Leading Researcher of the Department of Economic Theory Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine (Kiev)

The regular nature of changes in the US foreign economic positioning under the influence of global imbalances is proved. It is shown that part of the causes of aggravation of trade, financial and geo economic imbalances and conflicts is within the value institutional plane. “New protectionism” is interpreted as an attempt by the United States to restore the potential of subjectivity, which looks like a manifestation of the historical instinct of self preservation. The conclusion is justified that the new model of globalization will continue the processes of deepening the positive interdependence, but on the grounds of sovereign identity and social responsibility of national states.

Се­го­дня на­блю­да­ют­ся быст­рые и неожи­дан­ные из­ме­не­ния в функ­цио ни­ро­ва­нии и раз­ви­тии гло­баль­ной эко­но­ми­ки. Име­ю­щи­е­ся ре­гу­ля­тив­ные ин­стру­мен­ты субъ­ек­тов не спо­соб­ны спра­вить­ся с дав­ле­ни­ем неопре­де­лен но­сти, ко­то­рое уси­ли­ва­ет­ся за счет от­сут­ствия чет­ких пред­став­ле­ний о мес те и ро­ли су­ве­рен­ных го­су­дарств в гло­ба­ли­зи­ро­ван­ном ми­ре. Это спра­вед ли­во да­же для наи­бо­лее мощ­ных субъ­ек­тов все­мир­ной хо­зяй­ствен­ной си

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