– Institutional and financial components of Ukraine’s export growth

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KATERYNA ANUFRIIEV A, Cand. of Econ. Sci., Senior Researcher of the Department of Monetary Relations, Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine, 26, Panasa Myrnoho St., Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine

The importance of increasing Ukraine’s export and development of strategic instruments of its support at the state level is determined. The main indicators related to dynamics, structure and financing of domestic exports, as well as global and internal factors influencing the export development are researched. Problems preventing the positive dynamics of export are outlined. Ways and tools for development of domestic exports and its promotion are determined. The issues of expediency of creation, organizational form and tasks of the export#credit agency in Ukraine are covered. Keywords: export; foreign trade turnover; balance of payments; openness of the economy; terms of foreign trade; export commodity structure; export credit agency; trade finance; export insurance; export promotion program; export strategy. References 14; Figures 2; Tables 3.

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