V I K T O R T A R A S E V Y C H, Professor, Doctor of Econ. Sci., Head of the Department of Political Economy, O L E N A Z A V H O R O D N І A, Associate Professor, Doctor of Econ. Sci., Professor of the Department of Political Economy National Metallurg

Economy of Ukraine (Ukrainian) - - Наукові Дискусії -

– Innovation-information economy: post industriality, generativity, openness

Actual problems of postindustrial innovation"information economy in the context of European choice of Ukraine under conditions of global transformations are considered. The endogenous and exogenously oriented driving forces and sources of self"development and generativity of innovation"information economy are characterized. The attention is focused on the leading tendencies of evolution and creative potential of its open model, as well as the imperatives of its regulation in Ukraine. © Тарасевич Ві­ктор Ми­ко­ла­йо­вич (Tarasevych Viktor), 2018; e mail: viktarasevich@gmail.com; © Завгородня Оле­на Оле­ксан­дрів­на (Zavhorodnia Olena), 2018; e mail: elenzavg@gmail.com.

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