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The stages and peculiarities of the development of conceptual innovative models in domestic practice are revealed. It is shown that results of the analysis of the content of concepts and strategies evidenced the evolution of the models’ development in Ukraine from linear (1999) to systemically integrated (2015). A conclusion is made about the obvious need to develop organizational formats for wider interactions: platforms, clusters, knowledge#innovation communities, public#private partnership and other new organizational entities with self# generating innovative culture and motivation of business interests among participants in the innovation process. Keywords: innovative models; innovation process; national innovation system; triangle of knowledge; triple helix; knowledge#innovative communities; linear and nonlinear innovation models; innovative culture; integration in innovative models. References 15; Figure 1; Table 1. © Сла­ва Сві­тла­на Сте­па­нів­на (Slava Svitlana), 2018; e'mail: [email protected]

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