ZVERYAKOV MYKHAILO – Theoretical paradigm of sustainable development and Ukrainian realities

Economy of Ukraine (Ukrainian) - - Contents - © Звєряков Ми­хай­ло Іва­но­вич (Zveryakov Mykhailo), 2018; e|mail: [email protected]

The author shows that unsustainable economic growth is a characteristic feature of Ukraine’s development model. The nature of recessions and upsurges in various economic models is studied. The reasons for not launching the mass renewal of production are revealed. It is shown that the key causes of unsustainable economic growth lie in the existing system of reproduction of industrial capital. The necessity to develop the comprehensive plan for updating the material and technological structure of the national economy is substantiated. Keywords: sustainable development; transformation recession; reproduction of industrial capital; new model of sustainable development; program\target method of planning. References 7; Table 1.

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