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The le­gal mar­ket has al­ways been a pres­ti­gious one in Ukraine. While it de­mands ex­pen­sive in­vest­ments in ed­u­ca­tion and many hours of work with clients, it also pays off: lawyers can make high-end salaries, and of­ten have the chance to work and live in global me­trop­o­lises. This partly ex­plains why there are tens of thou­sands of le­gal ex­perts in Ukraine.

How­ever, there is also am­ple le­gal work in Ukraine for all those lawyers— thanks to Ukraine’s bu­reau­cratic busi­ness en­vi­ron­ment, which is still so tan­gled in red tape that cor­rup­tion con­tin­ues to fes­ter there. On the bright side, there is also lots of le­gal work to be done be­cause of a slowly re­bound­ing econ­omy, bring­ing new busi­nesses and new in­vest­ment to Ukraine, or ex­pan­sion of ex­ist­ing busi­nesses.

In this, our 20th is­sue of the Le­gal Quar­terly, we for a third time take a look at some of the lawyers in Ukraine who stand out from the crowd and shape the in­dus­try. Such pro­fes­sion­als are sought out first by com­pa­nies both “good” and “bad” to rep­re­sent them in their cases. As a re­sult, these lawyers some­times face the eth­i­cal ques­tion of choos­ing be­tween rep­re­sent­ing an un­sa­vory client for a big­ger pay­check, or sid­ing with what’s best for Ukraine and de­fend­ing those who are in the right.

This is­sue’s lawyers are also in tune with Ukraine’s busi­ness en­vi­ron­ment, see­ing what is go­ing on be­hind the scenes, who is shap­ing the mar­kets, and who has se­crets to hide. The Kyiv Post val­ues lawyers who are whistle­blow­ers, who speak out against cor­rup­tion and who work eth­i­cally to make this na­tion bet­ter. We're lim­ited by space to telling the sto­ries of these seven lawyers, but please send us sug­ges­tions for fu­ture is­sues. Again, for those who don't un­der­stand how the Kyiv Post op­er­ates, paid ad­ver­tis­ing is sep­a­rate from ed­i­to­rial con­tent. We chose these seven lawyers on our own for jour­nal­is­tic rea­sons. We, of course, value all of our ad­ver­tis­ers and sub­scribers— your sup­port keeps us alive and in­de­pen­dent.

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