At least 55 jour­nal­ists killed or died sus­pi­ciously in Ukraine since 1991

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Since Rus­sia started its war against Ukraine last year, the na­tion has be­come a more dan­ger­ous place for jour­nal­ists. In 2014, eight jour­nal­ists lost their lives in Ukraine dur­ing the Euro­Maidan Revo­lu­tion that ousted for­mer Pres­i­dent Vik­tor Yanukovych and re­port­ing from the war in Don­bas. Five were for­eign cor­re­spon­dents. In to­tal, 55 jour­nal­ists have been mur­dered or died un­der sus­pi­cious in Ukraine since state­hood in 1991. They in­clude:

1992 Valery Hlez­de­niov, a mil­i­tary jour­nal­ist for Kras­naya Zvezda (Red Star) news­pa­per from Lviv. Hlez­de­niov was killed in 1992 in Afghanista­n. My­ron Lyakhovych, an editor for Zhyttya I Prat­sia (Life and La­bor) news­pa­per in Lviv. He died in 1992 un­der un­known cir­cum­stances. Vadym Boiko, a jour­nal­ist for Hart telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pany. Boiko died in an ex­plo­sion in his apart­ment in Kyiv in 1992.

1993 Mykola Bak­lanov, a re­porter for Izves­tia news­pa­per. Bak­lanov died from head in­juries af­ter be­ing beaten in Kyiv in 1993. Yury Os­manov, an editor for Crimean-based Areket news­pa­per. Os­manov was found dead in Sev­astopol with head in­juries in 1993. Serhy She­p­elev, an editor for Vechirnya Vin­nyt­sia (The Evening News of Vin­nyt­sia) news­pa­per. She­p­elev was burnt in his apart­ment in 1993.

1995 Vik­tor Fre­likh (Fre­lix), a free­lance re­porter for Molody Bukovynets news­pa­per. Fre­likh in­ves­ti­gated a rocket fuel leak that re­port­edly caused an epi­demic of alope­cia. He died of poi­son­ing with an un­known sub­stance in Ch­er­nivtsi in 1995. He had also re­ceived death threats be­fore his death. Yury Dzedzhula, a re­porter for Kyivsky Vis­nyk news­pa­per. Dzedzhula was killed in Kyiv in 1995. Volodymyr Zhytarenko, a spe­cial cor­re­spon­dent for Kras­naya Zvezda news­pa­per. He was killed in Grozny, Chech­nya in 1995. Ana­toly Taran, an editor for Obolon news­pa­per. Taran was found dead in a Kyiv land­fill in 1995. Volodymyr Ivanov, an editor-in-chief of The Glory of Sev­astopol news­pa­per. Ivanov was badly in­jured when a bomb, trig­gered by re­mote con­trol, ex­ploded in a garbage can out­side his apart­ment in 1995.

1996 He­orhy Ovcharenko, an editor for UT-3 TV chan­nel, he was a host of the Black Square pro­gram. Ovcharenko was found dead in his neigh­bor’s apart­ment in 1996. Ihor Hrushet­sky, a re­porter for Ukraine-Cen­ter news­pa­per. Hrushet­sky was found dead near his home in Cherkasy, killed by a blow to his head in 1996. He was known for his re­ports on po­lit­i­cal cor­rup­tion. Ihor Kuzyk, an ex­ec­u­tive editor for Army of Ukraine news­pa­per. Kuzyk dis­ap­peared and was found months later in a Lviv city park in 1996. Ana­toly Tanadaichu­k, a re­porter for Panorama news­pa­per. He was found dead with signs of nee­dle in­jec­tions on his body in Vin­nyt­sia in 1996. Olek­sandr Motrenko, a ra­dio host at Trans-M-Ra­dio based in Sim­fer­opol. He was at­tacked by three men, one of whom re­port­edly was a po­lice of­fi­cer. Motrenko died be­cause of head in­juries in 1996. Po­lice later stated that Motrenko was drunk and at­tacked the po­lice of­fi­cer him­self.

1997 Petro Shevchenko, a re­porter for the Kyivskiye Ve­do­mosti news­pa­per. He was found hanged in an aban­doned build­ing in 1997. Kyiv po­lice la­beled Shevchenko’s death a sui­cide, but his col­leagues at the news­pa­per be­lieve he was mur­dered be­cause he had co-au­thored a se­ries of ar­ti­cles pub­lished weeks be­fore his death about dis­putes be­tween the mayor of Luhansk and the lo­cal branch of Ukraine’s Se­cu­rity Ser­vice. Volodymyr Bekhter, a se­nior editor for State telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pany in Odesa. Bekhter died af­ter he was beaten in the head by po­lice of­fi­cers in 1997. Bo­rys Dere­vianko, a chief editor for Vechirnya Odesa news­pa­per. He was fa­tally shot at point-blank range on his way to work near the news­pa­per’s of­fices in 1997. The chief re­gional pros­e­cu­tor de­clared the mur­der a con­tract killing. Lo­cal author­i­ties an­nounced that they had ar­rested a sus­pect who con­fessed to killing Dere­vianko. They gave no de­tails about his con­fes­sion. Svy­atoslav Sos­novsky, an editor for Tavriya pub­lish­ing house. He was stabbed close to his apart­ment by a group of un­known men in 1997.

1998 Mykola Rak­shanov, a jour­nal­ist for Fakty (Facts) news­pa­per based in Lutsk, Volyn Oblast. Rak­shanov died be­cause of trau­matic brain in­juries in 1998.

Al­bert Bo­rysov, a chief editor of Shakhtarsk­i Visti (Min­ers’ News) news­pa­per. He was killed in 1998.

1999 My­roslava May­orchuk (Maryana Chorna) , a jour­nal­ist for STB TV chan­nel. She was found hanged in her apart­ment. Po­lice la­beled Chorna’s death a sui­cide in 1999. Va­syl Chudyk, a chief editor for Neza­lezh­nist ra­dio sta­tion. Chudyk was found dead at the en­trance hall of his apart­ment block in 1999.

2000 Ge­orgiy Gon­gadze, editor of news web­site Ukrain­ska Pravda. He was kid­napped on Sept. 16, 2000. His head­less corpse was found in Tarashcha town in Novem­ber of that year. In 2013, a Ukrainian court sen­tenced a for­mer po­lice gen­eral, Olek­siy Pukach, to life in prison for the death of Gon­gadze. Mykhailo Ka­pulyak, a deputy editor at Svit Molodi news­pa­per in Ivano-Frankivsk. He was killed in 2000. Volodymyr Palchykov, a jour­nal­ist for Dnipropetr­o­vsk-based ra­dio com­pany. He was killed in 2000.

Yuliy Mazur, an editor of the Rus­sian-Ukrainian Yug news­pa­per. He was found dead late at night near his house in Odesa in 2000. He died be­fore an am­bu­lance could take him to the hos­pi­tal. Foren­sic ex­perts at­trib­uted his death to “ethyl al­co­hol in­tox­i­ca­tion,” how­ever, Mazur’s col­leagues sus­pected their editor had been poi­soned. Vik­tor Ro­ma­nenko, a cam­era­man for “12 Min­utes of News” pro­gram for Krym (Crimea) telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pany. He was found dead in the sea close to the city of Su­dak in 2000.

Volodymyr Smyrnov, a re­porter for Vre­mya (Time) news­pa­per. He was at­tacked in the streets of Myko­laiv and died in the hos­pi­tal in 2000.

2001 Oleh Breus, a pub­lisher of the XXI Vek (XXI Cen­tury) news­pa­per based in Luhansk. Breus was shot dead on June 24, 2001 while driv­ing up to his house ac­com­pa­nied by his wife and a friend. As Breus ex­ited his car, he was shot four or five times in the head and back at point-blank range. None of the pas­sen­gers were harmed. Ihor Alek­san­drov, a di­rec­tor of Tor, an in­de­pen­dent tele­vi­sion com­pany based in Slovyansk, Donetsk Oblast was at­tacked on the morn­ing of July 3, 2001. Un­known at­tack­ers as­saulted Alek­san­drov with base­ball bats as he en­tered Tor’s of­fices. Alek­san­drov never re­gained con­scious­ness and died from head in­juries on the morn­ing of July 7. Olek­sandr Ko­valenko, a chief editor for Sot­sialna Poli­tyka (So­cial Pol­icy) news­pa­per in Kyiv. He was found dead in a for­est close to the city of Zhy­to­myr with signs of gun­shot wounds in 2001.

Yury Hon­char, free­lance re­porter for Fakty I Kom­men­tarii (Facts and Com­ments) news­pa­per in Kyiv. He was found dead in his apart­ment with signs of of hav­ing suf­fered a vi­o­lent death in 2001.

Yury Ivanov, a colum­nist for Odeski Visti news­pa­per. His body was found in an Odesa ceme­tery in late De­cem­ber 2001. Ivanov wrote a num­ber of ar­ti­cles about the mur­der of Bo­rys Dere­vianko, the late chief editor of Vechirnya Odesa news­pa­per. Oleh Ch­ernyak, a cam­era­man for Odesa re­gional TV sta­tion. Ch­ernyak was found dead in his apart­ment in 2001.

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