The Vogue UA April issue is a definite collectible. For one, it is dedicated in its entirety to one of the most beautiful, classic, timeless colors in fashion – white. The color white is capable of anything and everything, it seems. The season’s main fashion statement is quite expectedly an all-white look, though it does seem a little over-the-top. Other than that, it is coupled easily with black, brown, all hues of pink and, in particular, nude. It makes an excellent background for jewelry, transforming into perfect party outfits. White is like paper – it doesn’t shy from experiments.

Most of the Vogue UA editors, myself included, believe this issue to be one of the best in the four years of the magazine’s history.

As we started working on it, I found myself at the Hiroshi Sugimoto show at the FOAM photography museum in Amsterdam accompanied by director Masha Vasiukova. We were stunned silent by his Seascapes series of black-and-white photos shot with an old-fashioned large-format camera to achieve indefinitely long exposures. The seas posed for hours for the camera – the resulting picture, cut directly through the center by the horizon line, is a black rectangle of the sea and white transparent sky. Masha asked me which of the two colors I associated myself with. The answer was definitely white. It is festive, always fresh, universal in every sense.

We came up with our own interpretations of the color white for all parts of the April issue, including the main fashion stories, of course: our Fashion Director Julie Pelipas and photographer Kris Kohls, inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection for Christian Dior, shot a story with the legendary top model Amber Valletta in New York; our regular contributors Yaniv Edry and Simon Elmalem did a photo shoot with the season’s most beautiful white pieces in Amsterdam; while in Kiev, photographer Armen Parsadanov shot an art project with Masha Reva, Vogue UA’S dear friend with two talents fighting for domination – that of an artist and fashion designer.

This issue, you literally can’t get enough of it.

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