“What are we going to do with all this future?”, this slogan was created by the emerging artist and photographer Coco Capitán for Gucci. She graces the cover of the Vogue UA art issue and appears in one of the photo shoots. “Olya, we have arranged to meet. My battery was almost dead, but we somehow managed to talk for twenty minutes with Coco!” This call of Vogue’s Creative Director Sonya Kvasha was the beginning of an art project with Capitán. Coco came up with a story and shot it in a house in one of London’s suburbs, where she could envisage a perfect life for herself with twin brothers and no fear of the future. In reality, this house has been empty for a long time now, and Ian-eduard and Eric-emmanuel are neither twins, nor Coco’s brothers. They are her close friends. The whole project is an imagined reality, just like the future each of us worries about.

One thing is perfectly clear though: the future is inevitable. One day you wake up feeling your world is about to change. It has not started yet — the life goes on as it has, with the same routine, the same routes, the same faces around you. But a small voice deep inside whispers, and then starts screaming that it’s time to move on, to change. The changes can be small, like going from blonde to brunette, changing your style, or taking a spontaneous vacation and leaving for Seoul for a week. Or a month, a year, or the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter. It feels good to know there are so many great things out there waiting for you.

In this issue, you will find a project featuring real-life brothers and Vogue UA’S good friends Nikita and Taras Sereda. They make a perfect tandem, Taras being an artist, Nikita a stylist and photographer. For the Brothers in Arms story, they went to Vorokhta village in Ivanofrankovsk oblast. Taras created drawings to accompany his brother’s photos, the text was written by Vogue’s video producer Olya Zhizhko. All combined, the story looks incredible, even though the brothers, nervous about the outcome, would not stop calling us.

An amazingly beautiful story, Soap Opera, was produced by the photographer and director Alina Hontar with Vogue’s stylist Venia Brykalin, who shot the artist Masha Kulikovska’s performance (Lustration). She took an ice bath with her own clone, molded from soap. Masha is going to repeat another of her performances at the presentation of the Vogue UA art issue at the Bursa Hotel on July 25.

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