We are the world


Show me the silence

- Kseniya Moskalenko

Linguists estimate that there are more than 7000 languages on Earth ... But there is one that may not be included in these statistics, and therefore it is unique, no one has ever heard it, you can only see it - sign language, the language of people living in a soundless universe.

Yes, they really live in a different world, but it seems to me that there is much more mutual understand­ing and kinship in it than in ours. They have their own culture and traditions. They absolutely do not consider themselves to be inferior to “talkers” and “listeners,” we need to envy the deaf-mute, because all the other feelings of these amazing people are much more developed ... We, Editorial Board of We Are the World and children of Ukraine, in support of Internatio­nal Day of the Deaf, have decided to share the “warm” words in sign language with the readers. Perhaps, we will get a little closer to this quiet World, get immersed and able to understand ... see this Silence!

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