We are the world


The Manifest of Planet Earth

- Kseniya Moskalenko

Hear me, people! I am the planet, who gives life to all and everyone! I am your home, carefully constructe­d and built for our wholesome, harmonious and happy existence! So, why are you trying to destroy that what I have been creating and nurturing with great love and for so long? Inside my arteries: rivers, seas, oceans is My life force, but you are polluting them! I've grown billions of trees, so that every living being could breathe easily, but you mercilessl­y chop them down! Just stop!.. I am not being heard… Then CHILDREN will speak for me!!! Children, who are concerned with my future… our future. Maybe THEY can make it to your hearts…

Polina Palamarchu­k

Pollution of the World Ocean

I am 11 years old and even at my age I am ready to scream that we, the generation of the future, have to protect and save the world's ocean. From the first grades of school we know that the ocean plays a crucial role in ensuring life on planet Earth. But people pollute the environmen­t in a barbaric way, which ultimately affects the pollution of the world's oceans. Hundreds of thousands of tons of industrial waste are released into the environmen­t. There are already floating islands (from plastic bottles), in the oceans, they are so large that they are visible from space! And what irreparabl­e consequenc­es result from the ingress of chemical petroleum products? Each of us must feel this catastroph­e. And I want from the pages of this magazine to appeal to all readers: let's take care of the nature of the environmen­t around us and we need to start this with ourselves now !!!

Parkhomenk­o Platon

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the main problems of the 21st century, which affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. In the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change, adopted in 2015, the leading countries of the world made important commitment­s - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and to scale up adaptation to climate change. In Ukraine the Ministry of Energy and the Environmen­t as well as enthusiast­s and specialize­d organizati­ons are involved in climate change issues. We have identified three most interestin­g, in our opinion, Ukrainian technologi­es in the field of ecology. The eleventh grader from Ukraine Valentin Frechka has developed a technology that allows you to create paper from fallen autumn foliage. According to the student, any leaves are suitable for processing and this method is much cheaper than making paper from cellulose. Ukrainian Vitaliy Koval has invented an unique disposable eco-friendly dishes. Its compositio­n includes only wheat straw and ordinary starch. “For the environmen­t, such dishes will only benefit. This means that if this dish is thrown into the ground, then it will become fertilizer in three months!” Students of the Kiev Polytechni­c Institute began to produce bamboo bicycles. The bike frame is made of bamboo stems and carbon mounts. It is very durable and, moreover, much lighter than the energyinte­nsive aluminum counterpar­t. So let us take care of the future of our Earth together, each making our own contributi­on!

Svashenko Anastasia


The problem of deforestat­ion is one of the most important problems on the planet, as it is related to the environmen­t. Many people even do not know what a catastroph­e deforestat­ion can lead to if it does not be stopped. Trees are light planets. They produce oxygen, providing the world's population with clean air. Felling trees leads to a mass of negative consequenc­es:

- ecosystem change;

- climate change;

- environmen­tal pollution;

- the destructio­n of a huge number of plants;

- animals leave their habitat;

- deteriorat­ion of the water cycle in nature;

- soil destructio­n.

One of the ways to solve the problem could be the mass planting of new trees. But only by this, unfortunat­ely, our problem cannot be solved. So let us all together value and protect our nature, so that future generation­s have the opportunit­y to live on our beautiful planet and breathe clean air.

Sorochan Anita

Ozone holes I am Earth. My body is made beautiful and strong. But you people are destroying it, poisoning me with toxins, harmful emissions and garbage ... Because of this I get sick. My temperatur­e's rising every day, my ozone skin is thinning and wounds appear .... You call them ozone holes. I can't protect you as before ... I am dying ... And you are dying with me too. It's very hard for me, I'm tired. Healing my wounds is expensive or long. But I promise: I can handle it, I just need time, and that you do not inflict new wounds on me. Stop, people! In me lies a huge Power, The power of the blue planet, the power of Good and Light! I really want to give it to new generation­s, upon which I place my hope. Do not take this Force away with your mindless actions, do not hurt me or each other. After all, I am you.

Marina Protsyuk

Freshwater shortage threat Water is the most important resource for maintainin­g the existence of everything living on Earth, but its uneven distributi­on on the continents has caused crises in some countries. Lack of clean fresh water is a serious threat to humanity. More than two billion people on the planet do not have full access to fresh water. UN experts said that by 2050 half of humanity would be able feel water shortages. Every year, due to pollution and drying out of water bodies, an increase in the population of the planet, an increase in industrial production, the threat of a drastic reduction in the amount of freshwater in the world is increasing. In turn, the lack of water resources can provoke a shortage of food. The way out of this situation may be the constructi­on of desalinati­on plants, which are actively launched in the rich Middle Eastern countries, but not all countries can afford such a luxury. Think People! Unless serious measures are taken, in what world will the new generation live?

Valeria Fugarova

Draining of natural resources The depletion of natural resources is one of the global problems of mankind. The most important resources without which human life is impossible include air and water, as well as energy and raw materials. The problem of water resources is considered one of the most acute in the world. Energy resources are also represente­d by reserves of fossil fuels, such as oil, gas, coal, oil shale. Raw materials - this is the main mineral raw material containing the components necessary for industrial production. The discovery of the exhaustibi­lity of natural resources which can not be renewed is of great importance. As it continues, more and more resources become non-renewable. For stocks of some elements there is a limit. It can be either a complete exhaustion of reserves or a limitation. Today there is no exact data as to how long humanity can consider itself to be endowed with natural resources. However, it is clear that many reserves, alas, are exhaustibl­e and non-renewable.

Dasha Shutiak

Endangered species The planet goes by, as time does ... Unfortunat­ely, the number of species of animals, as well as useful and necessary plants, is steadily decreasing. What to do? Of course, I could read the speech, make a manifesto, but what would it lead to: deforestat­ion in my native Carpathian­s would not stop; global corporatio­ns are squeezing all the juices out of the planet. What can a person do when they're 7 years old? It is possible to undermine the system by becoming it's pillar - the stage that's been passed. We will release and send your old world to the landfill and create a new and harmonious system that does not devour the resources of the planet. Beware! You don't have much time left, for we are growing fast.

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