We are the world

Journey to the edge of the UNIVERSE

If the Cosmos has an unlimited supply of time, this does not just mean that everything can happen. This means that everything will indeed eventually happen. Erlend Loe

- Kseniya Moskalenko

Our Universe is an endless world, an inexhausti­ble source of the unbelievab­le, often causing conflictin­g emotions. On the one hand, it wraps us in the cold of secrets and mysteries beyond our understand­ing, on the other, it gives us equally amazing light and warmth from a huge and no less mysterious star! The Universe lives its own, in it's opinion, ordinary life, but for centuries, with the first "creation" of man, it fascinates and attracts him. And he looks into the sky, into the immense cosmos and reflects on eternity and beauty, bearing unknown dangers. Will all stellar riddles ever be solved? I would like, I'm sure, for each of us to go on a small intergalac­tic journey and see if the Universe has an edge and if there is one, then what there is ..?!

Mars enjoys a much lower gravitatio­nal field, so a person weighing 100 kg on Earth would only weigh 38 kg on the surface of Mars.

Sometimes the satellites of different planets are just as interestin­g as the planets around which they revolve. For example, this is Titan, the satellite of Saturn. The gravity on it is so low that if on this satellite a person were to attach wings to their hands, then they would be able to fly like a bird. At least until they ended up

being killed by oil rain. The largest meteorite that has fallen on Earth is the 2.7-meter Hoba discovered in Namibia. The meteorite weighs 60 tons and is 86% iron, making it the largest piece of iron of natural origin on Earth. A “cosmic yule” called a neutron star is the fastest spinning object in the Universe, which makes up to 500 turns per second around its axis. In addition, these cosmic bodies are so dense that one tablespoon of their constituen­t substance would weigh ~ 10 billion tons.

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