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What is going on with your children? They have problems at school, you don't understand how they can listen to such music, how they can keep surfing the Internet all day, why they've lost their appetite? The list of experience­s for a teenager can take more than one page.

In virtue of their yet unformed personalit­y, children succumb to addictions faster than adults and it is almost impossible to protect them from this.

It's not a secret for anyone where children's problems begin: lack of parental attention, misunderst­anding by

peers, rejected love, etc. etc. As a result, there are rebellious behavior, non-acceptance of oneself and one's body, isolation and alienation.

Today you are too busy to ask your daughter “How are you doing?” and take time to spend it together. The school boyfriend said he was not interested in her. And of course she seeks advice from her friends who decide that she is not slim enough. And now the third dinner in a row she is not hungry, she begins to react critically to her appearance. If you manage to get her to eat something, she immediatel­y retreats to the bathroom. These

are disturbing signs that can lead to bulimia. There is a flip side to the coin - overeating. This trend is observed in both girls and boys. Children begin to “eat down” all their experience­s instead of discussing the problem. But both options lead to a violation of eating behavior and developmen­t of further health problems.

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