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On the boundless Ukrainian land, in the land Podolsky Vinnichchine in a small picturesque town of Sobom in a cozy corner Lypovtsya it is located Lipovetsky Regional Hospital rehabilitation of children with organic lesion of the central nervous system, mental disorders and musculoskeletal system, which more than a century has been providing social and medical rehabilitation of children and adults.

The hospital was organized in pre-revolutionary times as a water treatment hospital. Since the 60's, he has functioned as a regional physiotherapy hospital for 100 beds. Since 1995 Wit was transformed into the Lipovets Regional Children's Hospital.

During this period of daily work we have gained experience in such area of medicine as rehabilitation. This was the introduction to the work of the various centers of Ukraine, and training of personnel, participation in workshops, conferences, trainings, etc. Our hospital is a specialized health - care place that provides highly qualified medical and social care using medicine properties of radon water and classical treatments. The institution has a suitable base to treat the patients; The medical-diagnostic process is organized on a modern level with high performance indicators.

The territory of the hospital is quite large, particularly, 7.5 hectares. We own artesian well mineralized with calcium hidrocarbonate sodium-ionized radon water.

Currently, the hospital operates 60 beds, including:

1. Children's rehabilitation unit for 50 beds, particularly - 40 for patients with lesion of the central nervous system and mental disorders;

- 5 for patients with lesions of the peripheral nervous system;

- 5 for patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Rehabilitation department for adults with disorders of the peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal 10 beds.

The term of treatment is 21 days. For the population of the Vinnytsya region, free tours are provided, which are sent to districts of the region. The hospital also provides paid services: visas (accommodation, board and treatment), courses (treatment) and separate procedures. Doctors in the hospital are neurologists, physiotherapists, pediatricians. All doctors have a higher attestation category. Social rehabilitation is provided by teachers.

In terms of the treatment, children from 6 months of age are accepted. Children under the age of 6 are with parents. Meals for children are 5 times, for adults - 3


In order to heal more children in the summer, beds for the rehabilitation department for adults are re-enrolled for children's rides.

Indications and contraindications for referral to the hospital, the cost of treatment indicated in the travel documents and on the official website of the hospital:

The chamber of the children's department is double with a loggia and a bathroom. Each floor has a games room and a TV lounge. For parents there is a living room. There are rooms with improved stay of mother and child.

For adult patients there are double and triple rooms.

Methods of treatment:

In the conditions of the hospital children undergo medical and social rehabilitation.

Medical ones include: hardware physiotherapy (electroplating, electrophoresis of medicinal substances, electrosleep, central electroanalgesis, dyadinotherapy, amplipulse therapy, electrophoresis by pulse current, muscle electrostimulation, darsonvalization, ultrathontherapy, franklinization, inductothermy, UHF therapy, centimeter wave therapy, decimetre-wave therapy Therapy, millimeter-wave, magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, phototherapy, aerosol therapy, aromatherapy, halotherapy, singlet-oxygen mixtures, laser therapy, interf Hydrotherapy (salt baths, conifers, radon, bischofite, turpentine, iodine bromine, etc.), underwater shower-massage, swimming in the pool), thermal therapy (ozocerite treatment, honey and wax appliquйs and mud treatment - used by Sivashsky and The Kuyalnitsky estuary), the trail of the spine on a sloping plane, massage (classical, point, vibro, hydro, banks of Hachi), medical physical education (individual, group, with corrective and stretch-gymnastics, also use Yevminova's technique). If necessary, medication is prescribed.

Social: logopedic correction, conductive pedagogy, Montessori therapy, classes with a psychologist, ergotherapy, labor and art therapy, sensory integration. At the same time, parents are taught how to treat children at home.

The hospital constantly introduces new methods of rehabilitation of patients. So, recently we have introduced the following tools:

- The room for sensory integration has been opened, the stay in which improves the emotional state, relieves anxiety and aggressiveness, removes nervous arousal and anxiety, normalizes the sleep, activates brain activity and sensory sensations.

- Stone therapy is a therapeutic method combining the thermal effect of hot stones from basalt and massage techniques, which allows you to release the tension in the muscles, to remove stiffness and quench the pain, additionally, it also stimulates blood circulation. Effective for removing pain in the muscles, with arthritic inflammations and disorders of the functions of the autoimmune system;

- Reflexotherapy using Hachi magnetic cans;

- In 2017 An open-air children's health-improving swimming pool with heated water, equipped with a ramp and handrail for children with disabilities began to work. The area of the pool 150m2, which made it possible to introduce:

§ Therapeutic swimming;

§ Hydrotonics - therapeutic exercises in water; § Heliotherapy in the summer;

§ Elements of hardening.

Every year, on average, up to 1.5 thousand patients with

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