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In this publication, we would like to talk about one of the hospitals in Odessa, which turned 50 this year. Odessa is a unique city, all over the world, you will not find it. It is really lucky to imagine the maternity hospital №7 in a view of newly born child, which also turned 50 years old in August this year. This place would, definitely, look like a happy, funny and easy-going funny man originated from Odessa. Just imagine how many talented people Odessa presented to the world, and how many of them were born in this maternity home. It's just a space number. About this and many other editions of the magazine are kindly revealed by the chief doctor of the maternity hospital №7 Honored doctor of Ukraine Moskalenko Tatyana Yakovlevna

For reference

Maternity house number 7 was opened in 1967. In August 2017, we have anniversary celebrations for 50 years.

The Institute is headed by Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Moskalenko Tatyana Yakovlevna, there are 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 27 doctors of the highest category, as well as promising young scientists and doctors.

KU "Maternity Home No. 7" consists of a 155-bed hospital, with 115 obstetrical and 40 gynecological and two female consultations serving 13,7100 women and 18100 children per year. The medical institution is the clinical base of the Odessa National Medical University, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1, pediatrics and postgraduate education of obstetrician-gynecologists and family physicians.

A maternity home is, above all, a modern medical and diagnostic medical institution where it uses the best traditions of domestic medical schools and advanced world achievements. It develops and applies high-tech medical techniques. There is effective functioning of the Quality Management System contributes to the achievement of the main goal. This system allows us to develop a policy of providing assistance at the level of global standards. Thanks to the coherent work of the team of professionals, all possible risks to our patients are minimized.

Every year, there are repairs that create conditions for a comfortable stay of mothers and their children. Genera is performed exclusively in individual maternity wards where the woman is with a partner or beloved one in her person who supports her at that important time. There are 10 individual maternity rooms equipped according to the latest requirements. During childbirth there is a constant monitoring of the condition of the mother and the fetus. All the possible methods of pain relief are used. Medical and unconventional ones represent the schemes of special exercises in childbirths are selected, massage, hydromassage, psychoprophylaxis are carried out. A woman can give birth in any position, traditionally lying on her back, lying on her side, or sitting on a special chair as there are vertical sorts.

Our institution has a low level of caesarean section. It is possible to achieve the conservative birth rate for women with cervical scarring (after a caesarean section), as well as for pelvic prolapse of the fetus and multiple pregnancy. Keeping these kinds of labor requires highly qualified personnel.

All the staff of the maternity hospital has been certified for the organization of team assistance at a specialized center based on the Odessa National Medical University.

In the maternity home, trainings are ongoing for assistance with the involvement of specialists from medical institutions in the cities of Ukraine, the International Organization "Red Cross".

From the maternity room, mother and child are transferred to comfortable chambers of joint stay.

The caring and attentive staff of the neonatal department teaches young parents the care of the newborn, answers all the questions that arise.

The "Responsible Paternity" school works where young couples learn a lot about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, the secrets of successful breastfeeding, and the care of newborns. The "Window of Life" program is functioning where it is possible to leave the child anonymously under safe conditions if the mother was in difficult life circumstances.

In 2011, the WHO / UNICEF was awarded the "Child Friendly Hospital".

In 2014, the Maternity Hospital once again confirmed the highest accreditation category.

In 2014 successfully passed the certified audit of the Quality Management System for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 "Provision of qualified and specialized obstetrical and gynecological care".

In 2015, the Infectious Disease Control Service was given the Honorable Status "Pure Hospital Safe for the Patient", confirming the exemplary level of compliance with sanitary standards in the institution. The maternity home is the city's advisory center for conducting and delivering immune-conflict pregnancy.

A modern diagnosis of all infections, which present a danger to the pregnant woman and her fetus, is carried out.

Women's consultations have developed programs for women's health and opportunities for happy motherhood.

A dynamic observation is performed on pregnant women, including screening for fetal malformations, ultrasound. Biophysical profile of the fetus, Doppler examination of the vessels of the umbilical cord and fetus.

10 maternity rooms equipped with all necessary for the help, both at physiological and pathological births. In the course of 3-4 minutes, each of the maternity rooms, if necessary, turns into an operating room.

Modern monitors with remote sensors allow to diagnose the unfavorable course of labor in a timely manner and, if necessary, change the tactics of conducting childbirth in the interests of the child and the child.

In 2016 the reconstruction of the operating room was carried out. Everything, from materials used to cover the surface, ventilation system, air purification systems and finishing equipment, conforms to European standards.

Diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy are carried out in the gynecological department. Dermatological and plastic surgery. We continue to increase the level of medical care. At present, the team is actively working on the following projects:

1.Reconstruction and modern equipment of the chamber of intensive care


2.Equipment of all maternity rooms with modern transformers.


Chief Physician

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine S.G.Chernievskaya

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Doctor of the highest category Odessa, 65080

Kosmonavtov Street, 11 T.766-86-01

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