Berezovy Gai, the resort with centuries of history!

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In this publication we want to tell you about a resort with a century-old history, which has been living out till nowadays. Resort Berezovy Gai is one of the oldest European resorts with a rich and interesting history and traditions.

Tell us, please, in brief about the history of the resort?

Clinical sanatorium "Resort" Berezovsky Mineral Waters "- a modern Ukrainian health resort.

The residents of nearby villages knew about the healing properties of local springs for a long time. Water was used for diseases of the stomach, anemia, scrofula, other diseases, the names of which ordinary people often did not even know, they bathed newborn babies, they poured it.

"Warm waters" - in such a lovely way people called the springs of the Birch beam, as if thanks to water for healing.

December 22, 1862 Dr. Gurvich reported at a meeting of the Kharkov Medical Society on the opening of 20 miles from Kharkov, a source of healing water in the area of the farm Berezovoy. The report said that 21 patients observed on the waters, from drinking Berezovsky waters, or completely recovered, or received considerable relief.

In 1864, in the village of Berezovo, to study the medicinal properties of water, a commission arrived, comprising medical luminaries of that time - Dr. Borisyak, Lambl, Lang, Futran, the most prominent chemists.

The commission was headed by the professor of Kharkov University H.H. Beketov. Studies have shown that water is surprisingly similar to the water of the world famous Belgian spa resort, therefore, it can be prescribed for the same diseases, the salvation from which they are looking for in a far abroad.

A good review of the Berezovsky waters, gave an opportunity to create a resort, which later was converted into a health resort.

What can you tell about the sanatorium?

The resort traditionally specializes in sanatorium treatment and early rehabilitation of patients with diseases:

• the digestive system;

• metabolism;

• kidney and urinary tract.

Since 2008, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the sanatorium has allowed the rehabilitation of patients with diseases:

• musculoskeletal system;

• of cardio-vascular system;

• peripheral nervous system;

Peripheral vessels of the extremities;

• female genital organs with reproductive dysfunction;

• respiratory organs and allergic conditions;

• after the burns;

• Oncological pathology.

In parallel with this, special general health programs

• "Detox is the path to health" - purification of the organism;

• "Anti-stress" is the removal of psychoemotional stress;

• "Gastroenterology" is peptic ulcer, gastritis with increased, preserved and decreased acid-forming function of the stomach, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, colitis;

• "Urology" is urolithiasis, uracid diathesis, pyelonephritis, cystitis;

• "Endocrinology" is diabetes mellitus, thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, alimentary obesity;

• "Free breathing" is treatment of diseases of respiratory organs and allergic conditions;

• "Woman in harmony with nature"is the treatment of diseases of female genital organs, restoration of reproductive function;

• "Men's longevity" is the andrological program;

• "Easy gait" is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and svascular pathology of the lower limbs;

• "Arthrology" is arthropathy, arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, condition after fracture of bones;

• "Oncology" is rehabilitation after radiation and chemotherapy, after surgical intervention, prevention of late postoperative complications.

What is the unique featu of the resort currently?

At the moment, the resort "Berezovsky Mineral Waters" is one of the oldest European resorts.

The main natural healing factor of the Resort is the unique drinking spring mineral water "Berezovskaya", but apart from that we use for therapeutic purposes two more valuable mineral waters of the Berezovsky deposit, extracted from the deep wells: iodine-bromine brine of high mineralization and low-mineralized water of "chalky layers" , as well as imported Saki and Slavic mud, Borislav Ozokerite, Poltava bischofite and much more.

This is what determines the traditional profile of our Spa: spa treatment and early medical rehabilitation of patients with digestive diseases (gastroenterology), metabolism (endocrinology), kidneys and urinary tract (urology).

Tell us, please, about the specialists of the Resort? The resort employs highly qualified staff.

The chief doctor is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Serdyuk Alexander Ivanovich.

Heads the medical section of the work at the resort, deputy chief medical officer for the medical unit. The doctor of the highest category is Smetzkova Nina Anatolievna.

All heads of the departments are doctors of the highest category, two of them are candidates of medical sciences.

The resort hosts doctors: gastroenterologist; urologist, endocrinologist, proctologist, gynecologist, neuropathologist, psychotherapist, reflexotherapist, dentist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, physician of physical therapy

What is the organization of the treatment process? The organization of the treatment process includes:

1. Competent, scientifically based approach to the appointment of comprehensive sanatorium treatment by individual approach to the selection of therapeutic methods and their combinations, tactics and strategies of spa treatment for each patient.

2. Dispatching of treatment procedures.

3. The release of parents' time for treatment through the organization of children's leisure.

4. Continuous seven-day treatment week.

The sanatorium is the clinical base of the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which allows to organize consultations of professors of 12 clinical departments of the Academy directly in the sanatorium, ensuring a high scientific and methodical level of the medical diagnostic process, performing scientific work, holding conferences, seminars, symposia.

What is the significance of the resort, does it encourage the providing of scientific work?

Doctors of the resort directly participate in the implementation of planned research works of the Department of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Restorative Medicine of KhMAPO, introduce new methods of physiotherapy and spa treatment in everyday clinical practice.

Could you tell us about the main component of the resort?

The main medical factor of the resort is a natural spring of therapeutic mineral water "Berezovskaya".

In 2008, the last analysis of the chemical composition of Berezovskaya mineral water was conducted by the staff of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of

the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which determines the characteristics of its composition and the mechanisms of therapeutic action.

Tell me more about the services and nutrition in the sanatorium.

Concerning the services of our sanatorium guests there are 9 well-maintained sleeping buildings, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living. Multi-storey buildings are equipped with an elevator.

The room fund of the sanatorium is: single, double, triple rooms and suites and junior suites. Each room has a balcony or a lodge, a personal bathroom, a shower or a bathroom, a TV. In the "suites" there are some tools installed, such as TV, refrigerator, in separate ones it is air-conditioning.

The main distinguishing feature of the food in the sanatorium "Berminvody’ is the eye to the slightest detail, where every guest can taste not only delicious but also healthy dishes. In the dining hall, 15 diets are used based on the latest developments and techniques in the field of dietetics, which are tailored to suit the individual characteristics of each guest.

In addition, there is a special program that presupposes the selection of food products, according to indications - with reduced cholesterol and caloric content, containing fruits and vegetables, which makes it possible to correct body weight. Experienced doctors will help everyone to choose the kind of dietary food that will favorably affect the general condition of the body, as well as promote effective recovery. Each nutritionist understands that a properly selected nutrition system is a guarantee of a quick and successful recovery.

Guest feedback from the resort:

My impressions after visiting the resort. For the first time I am treated in the sanatorium "Birch Gai" and for the first time I have felt the advantages of this CLINICAL medical and rehabilitation institution. The main is a complex of skillfully selected combinations of territories with a wonderful nature and air, individual therapeutic nutrition, a vast medical and diagnostic and material base. However, this sanatorium is exceptional for its employees, respecting each other and loving everyone with whom they communicate. From the first contact everything, from the janitor to the chief physician, emits philanthropy, willingness to render a service, to help, to make it better, to create coziness, to provide individual therapeutic nutrition, to alleviate suffering, to get rid of the ailment. Thank you all, our Healers! It was a real resort, where you feel like a person, and they take care of you ...

The sanatorium is wonderful! The staff is lovely! He's just a pearl and they make it that kind of people who work there and put their whole soul into it!

Serdyuk Alexander Ivanovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences

DP Clinical sanatorium

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