Sudkovsky Sanatorium.


Tell us about the sanatorium and its history?

Sanatorium named after R.G. Sudkovsky is located in one of the ecologically clean places on the Black Sea coast - Ochakov.

A special feature of the sanatorium is that it is located almost at the very end of the Black Sea Spit, which is part of the Black Sea. The territory of the sanatorium includes a nice beach, which is a wide strip (60 meters) of unusually clean fine sand washed by the Black Sea, is saturated with minerals, iodine, bromine ions and is one of the healing factors of the sanatorium.

The unique microclimate, in which there is no intolerable heat and it is easy to breathe in any weather is a distinctive feature of the sanatorium. The sea has a shallow flat bottom (up to 2 m) and warm water for many kilometers. Sudkovsky Sanatorium, was founded by the Union of Artists of Ukraine and subsequently became his property. His story begins, roughly, in the 70s of the last century. In addition to health treatment, for a long time, on the territory of the sanatorium, there were seminars, exhibitions, resting artists and their children were trained.

This is an ideal example of climate therapy. Our vacationers come into contact with the sea air and its medicinal properties not only on the seashore, but also in the house which is made of wood. The tree is an eco-material that lets all the medicinal properties of ozonotherapy into the interior of the room, in contrast to the buildings of concrete. The sanatorium is located outside the city. The rooms are located in wooden cottages, lust near to the Black Sea coast. Each cottage has the necessary conditions. There are no industrial enterprises nearby. Location in the one of the ecologically cleanest and greenest areas is perfect place for restoring the raspiratory system, circulatory system, and of course a good mood of our clients.

What else is special about the sanatorium?

In the 80s, on the territory of the sanatorium, there was conducted in the Ochakivsky district and the city of Ochakov,

in the resort zone, as well as in the Baykushsky gulf - 50 meters from the resort. We investigated limn mud. Their practically inexhaustible stock is more than 30 meters thick. By their effectiveness, they are more useful, cleaner, and more saturated than Kuyalniki mud. At the moment, the resorts of Ochakov are preparing to use these mud in their procedures. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a iodine-bore well, brine (saline well). The sanatorium one of the "oldest" sanatoriums of the resort. because of the location on the shore, wooden houses on the beach, it is a small complex of recreation and treatment.

The sanatorium is oriented to the diseases of the respiratory system and the nervous system. The water area of the sea has a peculiar underwater field of algae - philophore, which contains a significant amount of iodine, and the accumulation of algae Zostera containing a high concentration of bromine. The air saturated with these vapors has a huge therapeutic benefit for people with respiratory diseases. In addition to marine, raging here and steppe air flows, saturated with medicinal ether-resistant fumes of field grasses and coniferous forests from the Kinburn Spit reserve zone.

Treatment of children accompanied by parents with diseases of the vegetative and peripheral nervous system, and with non-specific chronic diseases of the respiratory system. At the request of the guests, it is possible to undergo physiotherapeutic procedures: electro-, light-, laser treatment, inhalation therapy, electro-mud cure, speleotherapy and aeroionotherapy, acupuncture, electrosleep, mechanotherapy, physiotherapy and massage. Also there are a number of different baths (sodium chloride, iodine-bromine, bischofite, coniferous, salt-coniferous, sage, with lavender oil, oxygen, coniferous-pearl).

Tell us what your visitors expect from this resort?

People like silence, beach, food, sea, climate, nature. Holidaymakers are pleasantly surprised with prices and service level, cosy and friendly almosphere, quiet rest, so they come again and again. The Crimean canal makes water in the sea always fresh and salty.

What can you wish to our readers?

I sincerely health, luck and success. We invite everyone to the sanatorium for to relax and enjoy.

Topchy Nikolay Borisovich


Sanatorium of. Sudkovsky

Mykolayiv region Ochakovsky district,

from. Chernomorka Camp Spit 27 tel .: 067-515-13-40

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