The HIFU procedure is a modern, minimally invasive method for treating prostate cancer

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A new, modern method of treating prostate cancer, the HIFU procedure.

Over the past few years, medicine has made a significant step in the treatment of various kinds of prostate diseases, especially prostate tumors. Doctors receive more and more accurate diagnostic methods (eg guided biopsy under magnetic resonance control), and instead of classical surgery they are performed with less intervention and often give better endoscopic surgery effects (eg, laparoscopic prostatectomy). In addition to traditional radiotherapy, which is based on irradiation of the gland and surrounding healthy tissue, in some cases brachytherapy or even a new procedure for treating prostate cancer using ultrasound HIFU (English High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is used. The ultrasound beam causes an increase in temperature in the cancerous area, which leads to its destruction. There are so many effective therapeutic procedures for men - the key to success however is the detection of the disease at the initial stage of development and in a stage limited by this body. As explained by the candidate of medical sciences Lukash Nyk, urologist of the European Wellness Center Otwock - problems with prostate begin in men most often in old age. Age is one of the risk factors for prostate cancer. The course of the disease, as a rule, does not show itself. When we meet with patients who feel symptoms of prostate cancer and malaise from the lower urinary tract (frequent urination, a feeling of pressure on the bladder, blood in the urine, weight loss, weakness, most often this means that we are dealing with far-reaching The men who have crossed the 45-47-year-old should undergo periodic monitoring in the urological clinic, which is important, since patients who have low-level prostate cancer that is local and limited only to yes nym authority may use treatments with less interference, for example by means of HIFU ultrasound. In some cases, possible abandonment of active treatment in the favor of so-called active surveillance. HIFU PROCEDURE FOR TREATMENT OF PROSTATE CANCER Currently, there are many therapeutic methods for men with a limited form of prostate cancer. One of the most advanced and most advanced methods used in the treatment of prostate cancer is the HIFU procedure. In recent years, the HIFU method has been recommended by the European Urology Society, and in 2015, HIFU received a

recommendation from the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). This therapy is available in many countries (it is used by about 300 centers around the world), including also in Poland. A modern apparatus for ablation of the prostate gland by the HIFU method has recently been located in the hospital, the European Wellness Center Otwock (JCC Otwock). The HIFU procedure is an alternative to radiotherapy and radical prostatectomy and is one of the main treatments for prostate cancer limited to this body. Prostateectomy is the surgical removal of the entire prostate gland, the testicles and a certain amount of surrounding tissue. In the case of radiotherapy and irradiation of the prostate of the prostate effect, one must wait a very long time, since the tumor cells become dead gradually. When treating with ultrasound, HIFU effect is instantaneous, and the diseased tissue is destroyed during the procedure. The HIFU procedure can also be performed with the re-emergence of prostate cancer in patients who have previously been treated with traditional methods. During surgery using HIFU with epidural anesthesia, the patient lies in a comfortable position on the back. Depending on the amount of tissue that must be destroyed, the procedure lasts from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours and passes along the natural roads of the body (without incising the tissue) using a special probe placed in the rectum. The HIFU procedure is performed by a programmed medical robot that focuses with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimeter and releases energy beams, and also controls their distance from the healthy tissue that it cools. The patient is in the hospital for a short time, the treatment is done without interference and is safe. As explained by Dr. med.nauk Yakub Dobrukh, the head of urology clinic CMKP at the European Wellness Center Otwock-HIFU is a new technology that is based on the fact that ultrasonic waves are concentrated only in the focus of cancer disease in order to effectively destroy it. HIFU is a procedure of gentle treatment. This means that we damage only a fragment of the organ, as a result of which the patient does not feel any damage in the form of urinary incontinence or erection function - this is the main trump card of the HIFU procedure.


The HIFU procedure can be applied to patients with cancer limited to prostate size: ≤ T2c in the TNM classification. The degree of malignancy on the Gleason score should not be more than 4. The anterior-posterior size of the prostate gland should not exceed 4 cm. The procedure of HIFU should be considered in men not perceiving the risk of adverse consequences of previously mentioned radical methods. In addition, HIFU can be offered to patients who refuse radical treatment due to the presence of other diseases, poor general condition or persons who do not perceive expectant development. One of the recognized indications for the treatment of HIFU is the local resumption of cancer after radiotherapy. Contraindications to the procedure are:

• Inflammatory bowel disease,

• General cancer disease and extensive calcification, making it difficult for waves to access the foci of neoplasm.

• Prostate cancer is far advanced locally: ≤ T2c N0 M0,

• Low-risk prostate cancer,

• Prostate cancer of medium risk in selected patients,

• Patients unsuitable for radical prostatectomy,

• Patients who do not agree to a radical surgical procedure,

• Patients with local cancer resumption after radiotherapy (EAU 2014, 2015 Guidelines),

• Patients with local cancer resumption after brachytherapy (EAU 2014, 2015 Guidelines),

• Patients with local cancer resumption after radical prostatectomy. Contact details:

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