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Center for Innovative

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It works not so long ago: from 2015.

It was created by a team of people who believe: to be healthy is the natural state of each person! We are used to the fact that the subject of studying a doctor, if we turned to a medical institution, is the disease and its manifestations. In the center of I-MED, doctors pay close attention to the holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment of the patient, as well as the powerful protective properties of his own organism.

To diagnose, treat and prevent diseases, the I-MED Center uses information-wave medicine methods - modern, non-invasive, environmental medical technology that is completely harmless, free of side effects and highly effective.

The complex of information-wave diagnostics and therapy "KSK-BARS" of the latest generation used in the I-MED Center allows to carry out diagnostics with an accuracy of more than 90%.

The device received certificates from the Ministries of Health Protection of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia on state registration, certificates of conformity to quality in these countries, as well as a certificate of compliance with DSTU ISO 9001: 2009. Instruction on medical application "KSK-BARS" was approved by the Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the National Medical University named after. A.A. Bogomolets. Currently, all necessary documentation is being processed for obtaining an international patent. Diagnosis on "KSK-BARS" allows you to examine the entire body at the cellular level. The diagnostic session lasts approximately 2 hours. This is the most informative "health test". In the database of the device, the spectral-wave characteristics inherent in healthy and diseased cells and organs are prescribed. Reading the information from the patient's body, the device analyzes it by comparing it with the available data. Making corrections for the patient's age and sex, "KSK-BARS" determines the state of the body, individual organs and tissues and displays information on the monitor.

The complex of spectral correction "BARS" allows not only to discover the causes of diseases, but also to effectively combat dysfunctions and pathological conditions. The device removes toxins, slags, viruses, bacteria, parasites, mycoses from the body. The duration of the correction session (treatment), as a rule, does not exceed one hour. During this time, the whole body is treated, and every cell is returned with a "health program" laid by Nature itself. In simple terms, the device reminds the right cells how to be healthy. Quickly, with high accuracy and absolutely painless for the patient, every organ is scanned at the cellular level, the condition of all body systems is determined: cardiovascular, genitourinary, nervous, gastrointestinal, endocrine and other. Apparatus "KSK-BARS" shows how already existing diseases, and the recently started pathological process, which does not yet have clinical manifestations.

Thus, it is possible to preserve the patient's health by warning many diseases before they start. Correcting any pathological process, the doctor acts on the body as a whole, while the state of each particular organ is not taken into account in the "average-statistical" one, but in the particular person.

The I-MED Center employs doctors of various specializations.

Previous field of activity of each doctor of the Center is classical medicine, any doctor has higher medical education. In the I-MED Center they were led by the opportunity given by information-wave medicine, not a disease, but a person. And the experience gained and the accumulated positive results confirmed the correctness of the choice.

Indications for the use of "KSK-BARS" are very wide. The complex has proven itself, with its help successfully treat acute and chronic diseases, such as: diseases of the lungs (asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis), liver disease (including hepatitis), stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, endocrine system diseases, metabolic disorders, in particular, diabetes mellitus, lymphatic system diseases, neurological diseases , joint diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, immune disorders, allergic reactions, dysbacteriosis, gynecological, urological and other diseases

Treatment (correction) on KSK BARS has no contraindications and is suitable for adults and children. Having determined the foci of violations, the doctor creates special electronic recipes, setting the right, healthy frequency for each cell. With the help of a reverse sensor on the BSC CCC, the program sends these frequencies back to the body. Sick cells take this frequency and, adjusting to it, begin to "work properly". So the tuner tunes the instrument using the tuning fork. This method of treatment is not only as effective as possible, but also completely harmless. Treatment without the use of chemistry, without destruction and invasion, without stress and pain - the medicine of the future becomes available to man today.

Despite the fact that the waves sent by the equipment are not visible to the eye, some patients feel their effects. Each in its own way. Someone feels warmth in the legs, someone starts to work more actively the stomach, nausea or pain goes away. Some patients felt such a feeling of lightness that they felt they were in weightlessness.

Correction on "Bars" KSK is not only the elimination of diseases, the apparatus helps to restore the strength of the body, helps to recover from stress. Remember how often we complain of constant fatigue and lack of energy. All these are symptoms of a lack of energy, which is "eaten up" by an exhausting life rhythm, constant stresses, depression, hormonal disorders, various diseases and disorders in the work of our organs and systems. All this is amenable to treatment and correction. And as the energy reserve of a person is replenished, there is a surge of strength and tranquility, an imbalance in the work of organs and systems is eliminated.

Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones in advance! Center for Innovative Medicine I-MED,

Kyiv, st. Dmitry Lutsenko, 10A (LCD "British Quarter"). Telephones: (063) 508-45-45, (068) 508-45-45.

Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00

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