The hotel complex Karpati

(early, Sanatorium "Karpaty") is known in the part of Truskavets, on the birches of the Malovnic lake, in the lake, the Great Carpathian Mountains, the Green Perlini of Ukraine.

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At the time of its visit, in 1993, the "Karpati" sanatorium was one of the most successful in the sanatorium complex in Ukraine, and in the Carpathians, the priorities were: high-level care, medical and technical training and professional assistance to the staff. "Karpati" is a comprehensive complex of museums, exhibitions by the landscape park "Pіdgіr'ya" with a cloud of zvirinets, with interruptible hotels, comfortable guest rooms, restaurants and bars in the vishukan kitchen, concert halls and dancing halls, a sports complex, SPA Centers.

The Carpathian region of the relics of legends, spells of magical power, virgins with the beauty of the gyrk shilivs, the unobstructed spaces of the quarries, the pinnacles of the gypsy riches. Duzhe hochetsya, schoi і Vi loved the divinity of the blessed Prykarpattya, and she became a gift of yogo gifts, with tidal mineral waters, in the midst of which the Queen of Mineral Waters "Naftusya" borrowed money.

Unikal'nyi gift of nature, yak no m'ea analogov u svit

і, moe oschysnyi vlastovisty, svia vivennenyu piska ta dribnogo kamіnnya, zabibygaє їh utvorennju, spryaet travlennu, beneficially vplivaye on obminnyi protsessi organizmu, zmіcnyuyu іmunnu sistriya, sviya shvidkіy reabilitatsii.

Medical center of the hotel and resort complex "Karpaty"

The modern Therapeutic and Diagnostic Center of the complex is one of the most effective in Truskavets, thanks to a large number of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as highly skilled medical personnel with extensive experience. In the center there is an own pump room of the healing mineral waters of the resort Truskavets with elements of contactless heating. Water delivery is carried out three times a day. It is very convenient in bad weather and for guests with limited mobility. In the Carpathians, the following diseases are being treated:

Diseases of the digestive system: chronic hepatitis hepatosis

chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis dyskinesia of the biliary tract, gall bladder chronic cholelithiasis chronic pancreatitis chronic esophagitis chronic gastritis chronic esophagitis chronic duodenitis stomach ulcer peptic ulcer disease of the 12th digestive tract chronic colic

Diseases of the genitourinary system: urolithiasis urolithiasis, condition after EUHL (crushing of stones) urolithiasis, condition after surgical treatment lithogenic diathesis chronic pyelonephritis chronic prostatitis chronic urethritis chronic inflammatory diseases of female genital organs

Metabolic disorders: diabetes mellitus type II gout adiposity

Clinic "Sayenko":

It operates at the Carpathians and clinic Gennady Sayenko - every month there are treated from 70 to 150 patients. The clinic specializes in the removal of pain syndromes, especially in spinal pathologies. Worked methods of dosage-differential manual influence in patients who suffered spinal injury and surgical intervention on the spine, patients with osteoporosis, diabetes, patients with disk hernias and spinal anomalies.

Mineral waters of Truskavets


Naftusya - The most famous and unique in its operation is the mineral water of Truskavets. It refers to weakly mineralized waters, and the composition is hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium. In addition to salts, it contains a number of biologically active substances from the oil, which is why its name comes from.

Some of the properties of Naftus are due to the presence of these substances, as well as iron, lithium, copper, rodon, lead and silver. The basis of Naftus's influence on the body is its pronounced diuretic effect, which promotes the washes out of the urinary tract of sand and small stones, and, in general, the removal of the "slags" from the body, that is, unnecessary organisms of metabolic products. Accumulation of the latter occurs in case of violations of liver and kidney functions, metabolic disorders, etc.

"Naftusya" normalizes metabolism, improves the functional state of the central nervous system, has choleretic properties. A number of diseases of the stomach and intestines arise against the background of diseases of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs, and gastrointestinal diseases, in turn, can be the cause of diseases of these organs. Therefore, for a considerable number of patients with gastrointestinal diseases, reception of "Naftusy" is very expedient. Mineral baths

Water of mineral springs No. 6 "Edward", No. 7 "Ferdinand", No. 8 "Emmanuel", # 9 "Anna"

Used for mineral and sulfur-salt baths. All these waters are highly mineralized and contain free hydrogen sulfide. In addition, the resort also use carbonic and pearl baths.

The basis of the beneficial effect of mineral baths on the human body lies their effect on the central nervous system through skin nerve endings. This can be explained by the state of equilibrium and mental rest, which the patient often feels in the bathroom, and after taking her, often while falling asleep.

The therapeutic effect of a mineral bath depends on the physico-chemical and gas composition of water, its temperature and method of application. Importance is also the duration and frequency of bathing. On the gastrointestinal patients, the baths are calming, reduce pain, relieve spasms of the stomach and intestines. In patients with concomitant diseases of the circulatory system, with hypertension, blood circulation improves, blood pressure decreases and often comes to norm. It has a positive effect on the functions of all organs and systems of the body, in particular the digestive system. Mineral baths also contribute to the effective treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis and myositis. In addition to baths, the resort uses hydrotherapy in the form of showers Sharko, circular, ascending, hydrolaser, underwater.


This is a natural resin oil product. It contains oils, neutral resins, asphaltenes, nitrogen, sulfur, iron, potassium, sodium, as well as biologically active substances. Dehydrated ozokerite is called medical. Ozokerite has high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. During the application (overlay) of ozokerite to the skin, the substances that are part of it, act in a certain way on the body of the patient, both through the nervous system and through the blood, where some of its parts penetrate through the skin. Also important is the ability of ozocerite to compress when cooled. Gradual compression contributes to a deeper warming up of the place where it is laid. Applications of ozokerite act anti-inflammatory and somewhat relief, relieve spasms, reduce the movement and secretory functions of the stomach and intestines. As a heat treatment, ozokerite through the skin has a calming effect on the central nervous

system of the patient.

Ozo keri toc other apyi nT rusk a vet sisal soused for diseases of the liver and bile ducts, renal disease and salt diathesis, diseases of the joints, associated gynecological diseases and diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

The resort and resort complex "Karpaty" offers all guests three meals a buffet style with a set of environmentally friendly products from their own farm.

The buffet restaurant "Playa" provides both diet and large assortment of restaurant dishes and provides free schedule according to the schedule: breakfast (08:10 - 09:30), lunch (13:15 - 14:30) and dinner (18 : 20:30 - 19:30).

An individual approach is selected for each guest, if there is a need, we offer to receive a qualified consultation of a doctor and dietitian. To your attention a wide assortment of dishes of dietary food. For the greater comfort and pleasure of holidaymakers from different countries of the former Soviet Union, Europe and America, who overcame thousands of kilometers, arriving in Truskavets, Plai Restaurant created a schedule of days for national cuisines so that guests feel at home, having tasted their familiar and beloved dishes.

The sanatorium of Truskavets is an excellent place for full treatment and just a good rest. The sanatorium "Karpaty" offers you not only a qualified medical examination and comprehensive treatment in Truskavets, but also a full set of services of European level. We do our best to make our guests enjoyable and enjoyable.

In the Carpathians, all categories of rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, TVs (satellite TV), mini-bars, safes, phones with internal, city and international communications, bathrooms (with 24-hour provision of cold and hot water), each room has a balcony . Rooms are cleaned daily, towels are changed daily and at the guest's request, linen is changed 3 times a week. Free Wi-Fi access is available in the lobby area of the complex.

"Karpaty" in Truskavets is not just a hotel but a modern resort with a developed infrastructure, which includes: restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, beauty salon, shops, an exchange office, an ATM, a children's room and a library.

Arriving at the Carpathians, you will immerse yourself in the sea of serenity and gain strength for the whole year, and next year you will definitely want to come back to us!

Hotel and resort complex "Karpaty" +38 (03247) 62 747 san-karpaty Truskavets, 2 Karpatskaya Str

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