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Thanks to the continuous growth from the day of its foundation in 1991, the network of clinics ACIBADEM has become a popular and respected brand not only in Turkey but also abroad.

Today, the ACIBADEM network includes 22 modern multidisciplinary clinics and 20 outpatient polyclinics in 5 countries of the world (mainly in Turkey, as well as in Bulgaria, Holland, Macedonia, Northern Iraq). Every year more than 3.5 million patients turn to them for help, including a large number of foreigners.

The clinics of ACIBADEM provide the widest range of services in all medical fields, including highly professional diagnostics and treatment of diseases in the field of oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, sports medicine, etc.

All institutions of the network are equipped with the latest medical technologies, have a modern comfortable infrastructure and operate according to high international standards. In addition, ACIBADEM has a team of professionals consisting of 3,500 physicians, many of whom are world renowned, as well as 4,000 nurses and 7,500 support staff. In total, the company employs about 22,000 employees.

For the convenience of foreign patients, the International Center with a staff of more than 150 people operates in ACIBADEM. He takes care of all patients from abroad, as well as their families, starting from the day of treatment and until returning to their homeland. The Center for Foreign Patients offers a full range of services for organizing "medical travel", including assistance in obtaining a doctor's prior consultation, hotel reservation, airport transfer, planning of medical consultations and procedures, support and transfer during treatment, assistance in obtaining insurance coverage and ensuring communication with doctors after leaving home.

It is important to note that the high quality of the work of the ACIBADEM clinics is confirmed by Joint Commission International, the most authoritative and independent international accreditation organization in the United States, which sets the standards for the quality of medical services and evaluates them in order to promote better services and improve patient safety in medical organizations. Prestigious accreditation of JCI has about 600 clinics in 51 countries of the world.

The unique difference between ACIBADEM is the integrated service delivery model. In addition to a wide network of clinics, it includes a number of subsidiaries.

• The company "ACIBADEM - Project Management" designs, builds and equips clinics "on a turn-key basis" in Turkey and abroad.

• The organization "ACIBADEM - Mobile" provides ground and air ambulance services, telemedicine, as well as medical services at home.

• A-Plus serves food, laundry and cleaning in medical institutions.

• ACIBADEM Labs is the widest range of laboratory services, including genetic and pathological studies, as well as a stem cell bank, cord blood bank, food and hygiene research.

Holding ACIBADEM also has its own university, which is engaged in scientific research work in the field of medicine and professional training of medical, junior, managerial and administrative personnel for clinics.

The unique training center CASE (Canter of advanced simulation and education) has been created on the basis of the educational institution. It is one of the three best training centers in the world for training and advanced training of doctors due to their high technical equipment. It consists of two divisions - the Medical Simulation Center and the Endoscopy and Robotic Surgery Training Center, where doctors have the opportunity to practice the latest medical technologies in practice.

ACIBADEM also carries out active work in the field of medicine in Turkey and abroad. The organization offers a variety of clinical and administrative training programs, training programs, cooperation of local and foreign doctors, joint branding with international partners, international consulting, enterprise management and investment.

ACIBADEM also pays great attention to the development and support of world sports. The organization sponsors the leading Turkish and foreign sports teams and provides athletes with their services for treatment, rehabilitation and preparation for competitions. The network of clinics has its own Sports Medicine Center, which has prestigious international accreditation of FIFA, which was awarded only 26 medical centers in the world.

At the moment, ACIBADEM HOSPITALS GROUP is part of a large international holding IHH (International Healthcare Holdings), created with the participation of the Malaysian company Khazanah, the Japanese company Mitsui and the family Aydinlar. The company operates a network of clinics in Malaysia, Singapore, India, China and Brunei, Parkway, Pantai and Apollo brands, as well as the International Medical University of Malaysia. Since July 2012, IHH Holding has been included in the list of stock exchanges in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and is the second largest medical company in the world by market capitalization. Diagnostic Technologies

Flash CT - instant CT is the fastest tomograph in the world with the lowest radiation of radiation. It can provide an image of almost any part of the body, especially the heart and lungs. Its ability to quickly capture images with low radiation doses contributes to ease of use, especially in the complex rapid examination of cardiac activity. The whole body tomography can be obtained in four seconds, the angiogram of the heart in 0.25 seconds. The image of the lungs is carried out for 0.6 seconds without the need to delay breathing. The freedom of movement of the patient and the short duration required for visualization provide significant benefits to pediatric patients as well as to patients with excessive weight. PET CT - PET CT (positron emission tomography in conjunction with computed tomography) is one of the most effective visualization techniques these days. In particular, it is used in oncology to detect tumors, determine the extent of tumor metastasis, plan radiotherapy, evaluate the therapeutic response and in some cases to determine whether the present mass is benign or malignant. PET CT appeared as a result of combining PET (Positron Emission Tomography), which shows the functions of organs and tissues in the human body at the level of metabolism, and CT (Computer tomography), which can provide detailed anatomical data. It plays a serious role not only in the field of oncology, but also in neurological phenomena, such as the definition of the focus of epilepsy; Alzheimer's disease and in the examination for the presence of living tissue after a heart attack.

Intraoperative MRI 3 Tesla is a modern imaging device that can be used for both visualization of the entire body and visualization on the spot during the operation. Its speed helps surgeons to remove tumors during operations on the brain. Its ability to capture images on-site during the operation makes it possible to test each desired area under sterile conditions without the need for patient awakening or suturing to the operating field. This allows the surgeon to determine the size and location of the tumor, even in hard-to-reach areas. In view of the fact that such risks as incomplete removal of tumors, damage to functional areas and operations in the wrong zones are eliminated, the need for repeated operations disappears.

Digital mammography with tomosynthesis is a mammogram that gives a two-dimensional and three-dimensional image with excellent quality during the operation. Thanks to the capabilities of a two-dimensional and three-dimensional multilayer tomo-synthetic image, it offers innovative possibilities at an early stage of cancer diagnosis. Treatment Technologies

Da Vinci - the da Vinci robot was developed by NASA to conduct astronaut operations in space. Combining micro cuts with a 3-dimensional image, allows you to easily carry out even the most complex operations. It is administered by a surgeon sitting behind the console outside the operating theater. Da Vinci is used in many areas, mainly in the urological, cardiovascular, ear-throat-nose, gynecological and general surgery.

During the operation, the surgeon controls the system from a distance. Through the tiny incisions the surgeon introduces the tools necessary for the operation. The robot da Vinci is equipped with four hands that can move in six directions and rotate by 540 degrees. On one of the hands there is a camera transmitting images of the operated site. Two other hands reproduce in real time and with the highest accuracy of movement that the surgeon performs, which provides greater accuracy in performing the operation and thus obtaining optimal clinical results. The fourth hand of the system performs the functions of assistant surgeon. The Da Vinci system is also equipped with a control center and a surveillance system that allows the surgeon to monitor the robot's hands for surgery.

Trilogy is a trilogy: a linear accelerator consists of three separate radiotherapy mechanisms: a radiotherapy device with visual control (IGRT), radiotherapy with modulated intensity (IMRT) and stereotactic radiotherapy / stereotactic radiosurgery (SRT / SRC). It is used for diagnosis and treatment and provides significant benefits to the patient. The device of radiotherapy with modulated intensity allows to direct radiation to the treatment zones with an almost ideal intensity setting. High doses are directed to the tumor, while healthy tissues remain protected as much as possible. In the technology of stereotactic radiotherapy / stereotactic radiosurgery, point radiotherapy is used.

Rapidarc - Rapidarc: is a modern treatment for cancer, also known as rotational therapy with modulation of the volume of radiation. Thanks to the video-controlled system and the reduction of the time of radiotherapy from 15-30 minutes to 2 minutes, Rapidarc provides great comfort and convenience in treatment. Unlike other installations, radiation can be radiated in motion, rotating around the patient. Thus, the treatment is quickly completed and there is no need to move the patient. Thanks to Rapidarc, which is a linear accelerator (LINAC), the duration of radiotherapy with visual control (IGRT) is reduced to two minutes, the time spent on the table also ends after 2 minutes. This allows you to complete the entire process within 4 minutes. Thus, the therapeutic procedure, which usually lasted 30-45 minutes using traditional methods, is performed in 4 minutes.

Cyber-knife (cyber knife) is the first and only robotic system of radiosurgery in the world, allowing effective treatment of cancer throughout the body with an accuracy of one millimeter. The effect of focusing a robotic arm is created by moving the linear accelerator in space. This setup can monitor changes in the body position in real time and automatically make corrections in the direction of irradiation. This feature allows unprecedented access to the tumor in any part of the body. It is used to treat both malignant and benign tumors located in the spinal cord and brain, spine, lungs, prostate and pancreas, kidneys, liver, etc.

Gamma-knife (gamma knife) -a well-proven radio-surgical technique with scientifically proven success, is used for non-surgical treatment of brain tumors. Gamma knife treats brain tumors in a bloodless and rapid manner, eliminating complex and risky surgical interventions. No need for anesthesia, the operation lasts from two to several hours and the patient can return home the same day.

LIAC - intraoperative radiotherapy. the use of a single dose by the method of intraoperative radiation therapy is performed using a linear accelerator, as in the case of traditional radiotherapy. With this method, the procedure is carried out in an operating room equipped with a reliable portable device that produces only electron beams, without the need for increased protection from the point of view of personnel, such as when using traditional linear accelerators. Together with a group of surgeons who perform the operation, a radiation oncology specialist and a specialist in medical physics are in the operating room. Thus, radiation therapy is completed during the surgical procedure. The timeframe that is necessary for wound healing after surgical intervention, the planning of radiotherapy and the absence of a daily visit

LIAC - intraoperative radiotherapy. the use of a single dose by the method of intraoperative radiation therapy is performed using a linear accelerator, as in the case of traditional radiotherapy. With this method, the procedure is carried out in an operating room equipped with a reliable portable device that produces only electron beams, without the need for increased protection from the point of view of personnel, such as

when using traditional linear accelerators. Together with a group of surgeons who perform the operation, a radiation oncology specialist and a specialist in medical physics are in the operating room. Thus, radiation therapy is completed during the surgical procedure. The time that is needed to heal the wound after surgery, the planning of radiotherapy and the absence of a daily hospital visit for treatment, provides the patient an important advantage. Thus, the overall duration of treatment is reduced.

TRUEBEAM STx is the most advanced and modern radiotherapy device used in the treatment of cancer, it provides treatment with the function of aligning the unfiltered beam, which allows the rays quickly not damaging the healthy tissues to reach the tumor. The most important feature of this device is an excellent combination of the device that combines all modern methods of radiotherapy within its performance, such as IMRT, IGRT, Gated RT, Rapidarc, SRS and SBRT. Thus, all new methods of radiotherapy in recent years are combined in a single device and as a consequence, treatment is provided from the functions of an unfiltered real ray for faster, safer and more effective treatment. Another equally important feature of the device is the accuracy of less than 0.5 mm. The device determines the target with maximum accuracy and directs radiation directly to the tumor in a short time. The duration of the treatment session is reduced 4-8 times, which allows reducing the time during which the patient should be in a fixed position during treatment. Thus, the probability caused by movement of the body will minimize the error during irradiation of the tumor.

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