My specialty is a thoracic surgeon

Severgin Vladislav Evgenevich Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Zdorovye - - ПЕРВАЯ СТРАНИЦА -

Tell us a little about yourself?

My specialty is a thoracic surgeon, part-time freelance regional thoracic surgeon of the Odessa Department of Health and in addition a city freelance oncologist. Candidate of Medical Sciences, a member of the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, a member of the American Association of Thoracic Surgeons. In 2016 he visited the US at the 52th Congress of Thoracic Surgeons with an oral report. My activity consists mainly of patients with stage 3-4 lung cancer who are inoperable. Also in such areas: bleeding in this situation I perform embolization of the bronchial arteries, we inhibit the development of tumors, with tumorous spinoza of the bronchial trachea we perform an endobronchial radiochart plaque, a method that allows restoring bronchial patency, burns out a tumor, and achieves that the patient breathes freely. With cancer priolirites, this is when there is a constant exudation of fluids of the pleural cavity, we perform video thoracoscopy of the pleura biopsy, and we cauterize the pleura, for gluing together the pleura. One more direction, these are patients with peripheral lung cancer and metostases of colorectal cancer in the lungs, when there are single metastases, we are one of the first in Ukraine to start radiofrequency swabbing of tumors.

What is thoracic surgery?

Thoracic surgery involves surgical interventions on the lungs, on the mediastinum (a vertically passing anatomical space in the middle of the thoracic cavity), on the pleura (a thin membrane that covers the walls of the chest cavity from the inside like a thoracic pleura, and surrounds the lungs as a pulmonary pleura) and on the chest wall. In addition, this medical discipline deals with both prevention and diagnosis of various thoracic diseases, as well as their post-operative treatment.

What are the methods of surgical and therapeutic treatment in thoracic surgery?

The main method of thoracic surgery is thoracotomy - a surgical operation consisting in opening a thorax. Increasing importance in thoracic surgery is acquired by visualization minimally invasive techniques ("keyhole" techniques), such as, for example, thoracoscopy. This method is less traumatic than traditional methods (for example, thoracotomy) due

to the fact that in the process of thoracoscopy, only small incisions on the skin are sufficient. Basically, thoracic surgery deals with the treatment of diseases resulting from chest injuries, such as hemothorax (accumulation of excess blood), pneumothorax (accumulation of excess air) or chylothorax (accumulation of excess lymph), as well as treatment of tumors (for example, breast wall tumors , lung tumors or metastases in the lungs), inflammation of the lungs or chest cavity, as well as various pathologies of the thorax, for example, a keeled chest or funnel-shaped chest.

Tell us about your department on the basis of a medical institution?

The thoracic department of the Odessa regional oncological dispensary was founded in 2001. and is designed for 40 beds. The department provides assistance to patients with tumorous diseases of the respiratory system (trachea, bronchi, lungs), mediastinum, thoracic and abdominal parts of the esophagus, ribs, thorax and diaphragm, both in the form of independent surgical treatment and as part of combined and complex treatment, and sometimes and independent chemo-beam treatment. There are four doctors in the staff of the department, three of them are the doctor of the highest-level oncologist. The main direction of the department is to help patients with cancer of the chest. Annually about 1000 cancer patients are treated in the thoracal department of OOOD. Over the past few years, lung cancer has ranked first among cancer diseases in the male population of Ukraine, about 1200 cases of primary cases of lung cancer in the Odessa region are registered annually, 850 of them in the Odessa region. Most primary patients (about 80%) undergo examination and treatment at the Odessa Regional Oncology Dispensary. All these patients begin their examination and treatment in the thoracal department of OOOD. Specialists of the department have extensive experience in providing assistance to patients with cancer of the chest.

Tell us about the equipment provided in your medical institution?

Thanks to our rector Zaporozhan Valeriy Nikolaevich, the clinic is equipped with the most modern methods and equipment for diagnosis and treatment of patients. And thanks to the support of the regional administration, modern diagnostic equipment appears in the oncological dispensary. This year there was a video bronchoscope, there is an opportunity to perform low-level research and operations. From innovations, as for the rector, the department of robotics has been established, the DaVinci robot is planned to be purchased, it will be the only one in Ukraine for hyperthermal perfusion of chemical liquids, chemistry of preparations, for the treatment of metastatic pleural lesions with neglected forms of oncological diseases. Severgin Vladislav Evgenevich

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of ONMU, surgeon-oncologist of the highest category

Odessa regional oncological dispensary

Ukraine, Odessa, 65010, ul. Nezhdanoff 32

Email: Registration: (048) 720 28 05

City phone number: (048) 720-26-26

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