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Specialized sanatorium "Zbruch" is located in the heart of Khmelnytsky region, in a beautiful and fabulous corner of Ukraine. It is located in the forest park zone of Podillia, in an ecologically clean area with wonderful landscape views. The presence of forests and natural reservoirs creates a special healing microclimate, which has attracted tourists for many years.

The sanatorium-diagnostic base of the sanatorium allows you to carry out traditional sanatorium procedures, including pearl and coniferous baths, circular shower, shower-massage, mud and ozocerite baths, a variety of physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and much more. There is a deposit of its own mineral water "Zbruchanskaya", known for its medicinal properties, as well as a deposit of therapeutic mud. All these resources, with which nature has generously endowed this locality, are actively used in the recovery of holidaymakers.

Zbruch sanatorium with a modern medical-diagnostic base and extensive infrastructure, here every guest can feel at home, heal and have a proper rest. And the main thing is to receive water treatment "Zbruchanskaya", and the necessary medication under the supervision of professional doctors and medical personnel. There is a rehabilitation department for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Profile of the sanatorium "Zbruch":

• liver disease;

• gallbladder;

• bile ducts;

• diseases of mineral water treatment - Zbruchanskaya "Naftusya"; the gastric gland;

• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

• metabolic diseases.

- diabetes.

In our canteen organized a high-quality, dietary, three-time and five meals a day, which is included in the cost of the voucher, there is the opportunity to choose dishes to order. The dining room and pump room are located in the building of the dormitory building.

In the sanatorium you will find comfortable accommodation and friendly service. The developed infrastructure will allow you to diversify leisure. You can visit the library, fitness center, gym, sauna, cafe, bar, beauty salon and much more.

For tourists, walking tours are organized along local excursion routes and trips on excursions around the Khmelnytsky region.

Fans of fishing can relax and fish on the artificial lake and the river Zbruch.

For motorists there is a guarded parking lot. Address: Khmelnitsky region, town Satanov 2

Tel .: + 38-03851- 5-10-36 + 38-050-0528756, 0974087502, 038 51 5-10-36. + 38 050-052-87-56 call from 9.00 to 17.00

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