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The main happiness in life is children, but healthy, intelligent, beautiful children, it is happiness in the twin, and childbirth in it play one of the most important roles. Understanding all of this, future parents from the birth do not want to, they want to give theirs the very best, and the best obstetric department of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Prenatal Center and its employees is the best for the baby to appear.

When choosing the tactics of giving birth, we take into account everything: the characteristics of the course of pregnancy, the individual characteristics of the body of a woman, and the health of her future baby. The main principle of our work is to hear a woman, to take into account her own wishes and advantages, because the psychological comfort of her future mother is an important factor in the well-being of light labor.

In the daytime, all adopted women inspects the head of the department Saveliev OA in conjunction with the doctor of the hospital, the most rational plan for conducting childbirth is specified. If necessary, a consilium is created: the chief doctor Padalko L.I., the nachmed Zakharchenko LG, the workers of the chair of the medical academy professors Dubosarska Z.M., Dubossarskaya Yu.A. Also, doctors-anesthetists take part in this. At night, the doctor, if necessary, calls the responsible physician, the head of the department, nachmeda. We strongly encourage all future parents to remember that childbirth is a natural, physiological process, but it is often unpredictable. Maternity at home is a real danger to the health and life of mother and child. If you want the baby to come to light at home, it's worth knowing that it is possible in our department, because there are all conditions for this, and you will get "Home delivery in a hospital setting".

Maternity rooms in our department are cozy chambers, the interior of which is executed in the newest style, while they are equipped with all the necessary equipment for emergency assistance to the woman and the newborn. During childbirth there will always be a midwife, and the obstetrician-gynecologist is a doctor, and behind the door of the delivery room is a team of

doctors who are ready to come to the aid every second. Therefore, teamwork ensures a high result.

Recall that such partner births. During certain periods of childbirth or during all maternity activities, a husband or any other close person may attend a future mother. We understand the importance of women's support for their loved ones, and respect our wishes. Individual maternity wards allow families to stay together at the "moment" of the child's appearance. "Affiliate genera" is possible with all types of childbirth, in addition to a cesarean section.

We welcome natural childbirth. We do our best to let a woman give birth to herself. Natural labor is also possible after the operation of a cesarean section, and after suffering gynecological diseases, which also were accompanied by surgical intervention, we have a sufficient practical quiz and very good results in this direction.

Multifamily birth: required by the staff of high qualification and skill. Accept twins is one of the most difficult tasks of obstetrics. Each child during childbirth can go individually, and with full health of the first one, the second one may begin unforeseen complications. For the successful outcome of childbirth important competency of doctors - obstetrician-gynecologist, specialist in the monitoring of the state of the mother and the fetus, anesthetist, neonatologist - and equipment of the maternity hospital. We have all this. At our department there was a unique case of the birth of the triple divorce in 38 days. First in the world appeared Liqueria weighing 980 grams, and her sisters - Zlata and Stefania with weights 1800 and 1950 g., Were born only in 38 days. This is a very complicated case. Every day we spent a consilium and decided whether to continue pregnancy, or it's time to give birth. Every day is a risk to mother and children. This can not be done in every hospital. Everything is over, good children grow up with joy to their relatives.

It should be noted about anesthesia in childbirth in our department. Childbirth is a natural physiological process accompanied by painful feelings of varying degrees of severity. There are various methods of analgesia in childbirth. We use the most up-to-date and safer methods of analgesia in childbirth: epidural, spinal and combined anesthesia. Ukrainian and foreign anesthetists admit that epidural anesthesia, carried out by an experienced physician, is safe. It is important to remember: regional anesthesia does not have a negative effect on the fetus, analgesic substance with long-term epidural anesthesia enters the body of a woman in small doses.

We have a breastfeeding service that helps patients with lactastase, hypogalactica. In the postpartum period, with each woman, an appointment with the doctors and midwives on breastfeeding, contraception, postpartum hygiene, and the use of rational food for breastfeeding is conducted before the discharge from the hospital.

The professionalism of our physicians, team work, the possession of the latest technology in obstetrics, all this makes it possible for you to be sure that you trust the care of your own health and health and safety of the baby to leading specialists in the field of obstetrics. With great joy and dedication we will help you to be happy parents of healthy children! Childbirth in 1 obstetric - it is a safe childbirth for a woman and a child!

Head 1 obstetric departmentSavelyeva Elena Albertovna, Obstetrician-obstetricianKotenko Maksim Petrovich.KP "Dnipropetrovsk Regional PerinatalCenter with Hospital" DOR "Dnipro, Str. Space 17, tel.+38 056 -756-88-08

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