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Priority directions of the Mogilev regional diagnostic and treatment center are consulting and diagnostic medical care and treatment of patients with diseases of the immune and reproductive systems, prevention and diagnosis of congenital malformations of hereditary diseases, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, as well as cardiovascular system including a stationary one - the branch "Cardiological Hospital"). During the year, more than 400,000 patients receive consulting and diagnostic medical care, more than 200,000 instrumental and 1.5 million laboratory tests are performed, and more than 2,000 patients in the hospital branch receive inpatient medical care. Department of Medical Genetics.

Highly qualified geneticists conduct medical genetic counseling, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases. An ultrasound prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations, diagnosis of chromosomal diseases is carried out. Every year more than 12,500 patients are examined in the department, including about 3,000 families receiving medical genetic counseling from a geneticist to diagnose hereditary diseases, determine the progeny prognosis, plan the timing and methods of prenatal diagnosis.

2. The Department of Reproductive Health and Family Planning

The use of modern methods allows to diagnose the shape of infertility and determine the tactics of treating patients in a short time. We offer a cycle of assistance to families with problems of childbirth from primary counseling prior to conception, followed by advisory support before delivery. Specialists are trained in modern diagnostic and treatment technologies both in Belarus and abroad, and take an active part in regional, national and international scientific and practical conferences. Thanks to the professionalism of doctors over the past 12 years, 2794 women have managed to achieve pregnancy, which corresponds to the international level.

3. Cardiology department - rendering of highly qualified medical-diagnostic, consulting help in cardiovascular diseases of non-rheumatic etiology;

4. Dispanserno-endocrinology department - consultation of patients of adults and children with pathology of the endocrine system; consultation of a gynecologist-endocrinologist; consultation in the office of an ophthalmologist; in the offices of endocrinology doctors; in the office of reproductive endocrinology.

5. Department of Clinical Immunology - conducting laboratory studies that promote early and accurate diagnosis of viral hepatitis, chronic infections, immune system diseases, thyroid diseases; the implementation of advice on clinical immunology, hepatology.

In UZ "Mogilev OLDC" the reception is conducted by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience and knowledge, an individual approach to each patient is provided.

Head Physician Nipatruk Andrey Vladimirovich Deputy Chief Physician (on the medical side), Ph.D. Toestev Viktor Konstantinovich, UZ "Mogilev regional medical and diagnostic center ", Republic of Belarus, 212030, city of Mogilev, st. Pervomaiskaya, house 59A Official website:; tel .: +375222 223092

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