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Zdorovye - - NEWS - Tsven Petr Vasilievich. The sanatorium "Avangard".

- The well-known fact that the Countess Shcherbatova made a huge contribution to the history of Russia, thanks to her the Polytechnic Institute in Kiev was built.

- It's not quite true. One of the buildings was built. They had a house in Podol (the modern name of the district of Kiev) and the son of Countess Shcherbatova Vladimir graduated from this university. And the stink helped him that way.

- We will reject the post-Soviet moment when the sanatorium was transferred to the balance in other hands. Let's find out the history of its occurrence. "How is the sanatorium?" Here we must remember those distant, maybe not very distant times, when in this country, sad as it sounds today, there was more state attention to the health of the population. This is the Soviet years, when we had a system of medical examination, it is certainly expensive, but the best in the world to this day. Some countries have adopted this method. But in those days there was a tendency to create such sanatorium-and-spa centers. Ukraine is a unique country in terms of therapeutic factors, because has different climatic zones.

By climatic zones: respiratory organs are the Crimea,

Transcarpathia and the Carpathian region; for the treatment of kidney diseases a steppe climate is necessary - these are the Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, even in the Kharkov region; our central region is rich in radon waters (the Khmilnik resort).

Our vanguard today for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system based on radon water. Our radon water has an average concentration, it does not cause exacerbations, like other types of radon waters. Radon is still a radioactive gas and, with certain diseases (hypertension), there may be contraindications for the treatment of diseases of the spine.

In the eighties there was a tendency of the formation of sanatorium and resort representative offices practically in all regions of Ukraine. And here, in Vinnytsia, an association was also established that included the sanatoriums Khmilnik, the sanatorium Avangard, the Zbruch sanatorium, the Sakhalets sanatorium, and three children's sanatoriums. In comparison with the rest of

the sanatoriums, which have moved to the summer period of work, and have not a high popularity among holidaymakers. The sanatorium increases its popularity due to the improvement of the quality of services, new technologies of treatment and year-round operation.

- When was Radon discovered for the first time in this area?

- - Radon was discovered here around the 1960s. The entire territory of the sanatorium is located on Podilsky granite shield. Granite contains radon salts, and for millions of years, passing through granite, the water is saturated with radon gas. If this water is lifted from the depths and left open, then after two hours it turns into ordinary drinking water. The gas evaporates very quickly and that's why the medicinal water is supplied to the surface in a closed pipeline, if necessary, to be heated in closed containers. Thus, water is supplied to the bathroom compartment.

-Specify please, what are the indications and contraindications for the use of radon baths?

- Contraindications are standard for all sanatorium treatment, they are oncological (although they already exist in the sanatorium, where patients recover from such complicated operations and passed chemotherapy courses), systemic diseases (high temperature, infectious diseases)

Indications are degenerative-dystrophic changes - diseases associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. - What needs to be done to make the European tourist (medical tourism, which is currently gaining momentum around the world) appeared in your sanatorium ?

- My opinion on this issue is that we need infrastructure, we do not have infrastructure in Ukraine.

- In our country, there is a tendency that our citizens are less likely to travel to Turkey or Egypt. More and more of our citizens pay attention to sanatorium treatment in our country.

Tell me please, your sanatorium, which during this period has a sold-out, how can this be achieved by others?

- Each leader has his own trade secret, but I will tell you one secret: I work very hard and conscientiously fulfill my duties. Work, work and work .... Tsven Petr Vasilievich.

The sanatorium "Avangard". "Avangard".

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