The new quality of children's otolaryngology in Volhynia is the experience of using cooperation and charity in the Volyn Regional Children's Territorial Medical Association

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For the over 239,000 children of the Volyn region, the organization and quality of the provision of the otolaryngology service is significant. Tertiary level such assistance is provided for 25 children ENT specialist beds Volyn Regional Children's Hospital, where the annual inpatient treated about 1,000 small Volyn, conducted 600 surgical interventions on tonsils and adenoids and more than 100 - in the ear.

Timely diagnosis and proper treatment of patients with hearing problems are extremely important. The relevance of efficient surdolohichnoyi care for children in the first place due to the fact that 362 children under the age of 18 with disabilities caused by deafness, including the annual number of patients with disabilities by ear growing on average 25 people.

Children Volyn region surdolohichna assistance is provided in the ENT office of regional children's hospital, where the monitoring of sick children with disorders of hearing and audiometric timpanometrychne conducted a survey of the auditory analyzer keeps records of children with visual and hearing disabilities who require hearing aid. Until recently, hearing prosthetics of volyn patients by the method of cochlear implantation was carried out under the conditions of the State University "Institute of Otolaryngology. Professor O.S.Kolomyychenko ¬ĽNAMS of Ukraine. Developing strong professional relationships and bringing highly specialized medical care to IV of young people in the region, experts capital facility for the last time in VRCTMC frequent visitors.

Yes, PhD, senior researcher at the Institute of Otolaryngology Boris Volin Myronyuk repeatedly visited and spent counseling techniques and complex surgery on the inner ear Volhynians young patients.

October 20, 2017 with B. Myronyuk, first in Western Ukraine, in the Volyn Regional Children's Hospital successfully conducted surgery to install cochlear implant. As of today, such operations in Ukraine are conducted in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk. Since then, in Lutsk, children with deafness have already installed 3 cochlea-implants, plans for

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