10 things to teach your daugh­ters (be­fore they go to col­lege!)

We all think about the usual things we want our kids – es­pe­cially our daugh­ters – to know be­fore they head off to col­lege.

1 Girls rule, boys drool. It was true in Pre-K and it’s still true now.

2 You don’t get grades, you earn them. The col­lege pro­fes­sor is there to guide your child’s ed­u­ca­tional ex­pe­ri­ence but she alone is re­spon­si­ble for the out­come.

4 Tuna makes you sleepy, so don’t eat a tuna fish sand­wich when you’re cram­ming for an exam.

3 Wear sen­si­ble shoes – at least some­times. She’ll be walk­ing all over cam­pus and she needs to get places with ease.

5 Plan, don’t pro­cras­ti­nate. If you have a daugh­ter with a track record of wait­ing un­til the last mo­ment, tran­si­tion to col­lege may be hard. Break the habit now.

6 Cof­fee alone does not a break­fast make. Sugar and caf­feine give a tem­po­rary lift, but the brain works bet­ter with some real food to go along with that.

7 Be a good room­mate. Your daugh­ter will be thrust to­gether with a com­plete stranger. Th­ese young women can be­come life­long friends if they un­der­stand and re­spect one another.

8 Have some school spirit. In­ter­col­le­giate ath­let­ics, whether as a player or a spec­ta­tor, are a won­der­ful part of the col­lege ex­pe­ri­ence. Get out there and en­joy!

9 Don’t be afraid to call home. If your child goes away to col­lege, re­mind her that it’s OK to ask par­ents for ad­vice. She’s grown up, sure, but not that grown up.

10 Sa­vor ev­ery sin­gle minute of the col­lege ex­pe­ri­ence. Next comes real life.

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