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Q I need some help lo­cat­ing a part for my Jeep JK Un­lim­ited. A pic­ture from your un­der­car­riage view shows a crossmember in front of the trans­mis­sion crossmember sup­port. It’s held on by three bolts and looks like a pro­tec­tion bar. What is the part num­ber? I bent mine, and it’s rub­bing on the ex­haust. Even the dealer can­not find the part. I can’t find any in­for­ma­tion other than what’s in your un­der­car­riage ar­ti­cle.


A That crossmember is ba­si­cally a skid­plate, so for the short term you could re­move it if it’s rub­bing on the ex­haust and po­ten­tially dam­ag­ing it. We didn’t have much luck com­ing up with a part num­ber ei­ther, but a good Mopar parts coun­ter­man should be able to track one down, so maybe try an­other dealer. If we were in your shoes, we’d prob­a­bly re­move it and take a stab at straight­en­ing it be­fore hunt­ing down a re­place­ment, or we’d ask around at lo­cal four-wheel-drive shops, as there’s an ex­cel­lent chance they’ll have a take-off.

Whether you straighten what you have or get a new one, keep in mind that if you bent it once, you’ll prob­a­bly bend it again. You should re­ally think about up­grad­ing to some­thing bet­ter from the af­ter­mar­ket. Sev­eral com­pa­nies make ev­ery­thing from sim­ple skid­plates that of­fer much bet­ter pro­tec­tion than that fac­tory crossmember all the way up to full-blown belly pans that tuck things up a bit for ad­di­tional ground clear­ance. Check out such places as 4Wheel Parts (4wheel­ and Quadratec ( They have a wide va­ri­ety of skid­plates with all kinds of different cov­er­age op­tions and price points.

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