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There is a lot of art and science in build­ing strong steel struc­tures like rollcages, but a few sim­ple rules can make a big dif­fer­ence. The cor­ners are gen­er­ally weak points, and tri­an­gles are your friends. One way to beef up the cor­ners of a ’cage is with cor­ner gus­sets (lit­tle tri­an­gles), but most of us are not born know­ing how to build good cor­ner gus­sets. Sure, you can buy some, but these that we copied from our friend Rob Bon­ney at Rob Bon­ney Fab­ri­ca­tion are rel­a­tively easy to make and add a ton of strength to our cor­ners. We to­tally stole this de­sign from Rob Bon­ney. He is prob­a­bly not the first guy to use this de­sign, but we know it must make sense if he uses it and he was lucky enough (read: un­for­tu­nate enough) to be our patsy for bor­row­ing the idea. These cor­ner gus­sets are pretty easy to make once you get the idea. Space here is limited, but we can show you more in this ar­ti­cle’s on­line ver­sion at

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