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Drew & Sam Chase Af­ter The Truth

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Franco’s been tor­mented by his past since that blasted twin paint­ing showed up, but for all his fret­ting over what he might have done as a child,

it was Drew’s life that was most af­fected by the fate­ful, mys­te­ri­ous fall down the stairs. So even though we weren’t sure what Har­vey’s game was when he did it, we were thrilled to see him fi­nally pull Drew into this story.

Hav­ing left Franco for dead in his trailer, Har­vey feigned re­lief that he’d sur­vived, then seemed all too pleased to tell Drew and Sam why Franco had been there to be­gin with! As the slimy de­vel­oper re­peated the now-fa­mil­iar tale about Franco push­ing his bestie down the stairs, we could see Drew weigh­ing the story — and Har­vey’s grotesque smile, no doubt. True, Drew didn’t trust Franco, but he still didn’t seem to buy the no­tion that he’d tried to kill him at just 3 years old. Ever-un­flap­pable, Har­vey shrugged and walked away, forc­ing Drew and Sam to fol­low.

Af­ter Har­vey did his best to paint Franco as evil, the cou­ple

couldn’t help but ques­tion why he hadn’t shared this story with them ear­lier. The fast-talker again of­fered his best spin, but Drew re­mained skep­ti­cal. While Franco’s guilt and fear made him an easy mark, the for­mer Navy SEAL was a com­pletely dif­fer­ent an­i­mal. His hands in his pock­ets, he was lit­er­ally look­ing down his nose at Har­vey as he ques­tioned the sug­ges­tion that Franco had threat­ened him.

Drew may not have been con­vinced, but Har­vey’d left him with a lot to think about — and he went right to Franco to clear things up. Drew was fi­nally in on the mys­tery… which meant this sto­ry­line was about to get a lot more in­ter­est­ing!

“He pushed me down the stairs and he wouldn’t share his toys? Franco re­ally was a mon­ster!”

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