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A re­view of the WSB agent’s al­pha­bet re­veals why the su­per­spy is a true GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL hero

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Washether fac­ing off with the lat­est Big Bad to hit Port Charles

the PCPD com­mis­sioner, a spe­cial agent or a civil­ian, GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Anna al­ways seems to come out on top. Of course, there was that dark pe­riod when she worked for the wrong side. But, hey, not even death could keep her down for long! So to help fa­mil­iar­ize your­self with one of the world’s best agents, take a gan­der at our top-se­cret file on her, from A to Z!

AAlex: Anna’s iden­ti­cal twin who was dis­cov­ered late in life. Alex was once pro­grammed to have her sis­ter’s mem­o­ries and has twice as­sumed her iden­tity — this last time, af­ter kid­nap­ping her!

BBart: The man who found and cared for an am­ne­siac Anna for al­most a decade af­ter the boat ex­plo­sion that nearly took her life.

CCasey: The alien — as in “from outer space”! — that Anna helped find the crys­tals he needed to re­turn to his home planet, Lu­mina.

DDuke: Ar­guably Anna’s true love, this Scots­man was im­per­son­ated by two dif­fer­ent men and re­turned from the grave twice (though the first time turned out to be im­poster Jonathan Paget) to re­unite with his lady love. Alas, on his last re­turn, Duke was shot and killed by Mob en­forcer Car­los!

EEmma: Robin and Pa­trick’s daugh­ter and Anna’s grand­daugh­ter. Though she re­lo­cated to Cal­i­for­nia with her par­ents, Emma still vis­its her grand­mother from time to time and is al­ready show­ing signs that she’s in­her­ited her su­per­sleuth gene.

FFai­son: This crim­i­nal mas­ter­mind had been ob­sessed with Anna ever since hir­ing her to be part of his evil car­tel, DVX. Be­fore (fi­nally!) be­ing killed, he showed his twisted love by stalk­ing her, tor­ment­ing her, kid­nap­ping her, blow­ing her up and im­per­son­at­ing Duke!

GGrif­fin: Speak­ing of Duke, this is his long-lost son. While the Scots­man never knew of his ex­is­tence, since com­ing to Port Charles and in­tro­duc­ing him­self, he has be­come like a sur­ro­gate son to Anna.

HHolly: Anna’s first friend upon com­ing to Port Charles — at least un­til Holly learned that Anna and her hus­band, Robert, were once WSB part­ners and mar­ried on top of it!

IIn­cur­able: Anna was forced to face her mor­tal­ity last year when she was di­ag­nosed with poly­cythemia vera, a rare but treat­able can­cer.


The last name of the woman who was so con­sumed by jeal­ousy when she couldn’t have Duke that she rigged an el­e­va­tor to take him out. Olivia failed, but the stunt cost Anna the baby she was car­ry­ing. Olivia even­tu­ally “died,” only to re­turn gun­ning for Grif­fin!

KKiller: While Anna has killed plenty of peo­ple in her years in law en­force­ment, play­ing judge, jury and ex­e­cu­tioner by killing Duke’s mur­derer plagued her. Luck­ily, Car­los had faked his death, and when he was killed for real, Anna’s hands were clean!

LLuke: The rogue with whom Anna al­most be­gan a re­la­tion­ship af­ter Robin was be­lieved dead. Their ro­mance slowed to a crawl when Heather kid­napped Luke, then hit the skids com­pletely af­ter Duke turned up alive.

MMac: Thanks to Anna and Robert Scorpio’s pre­sumed deaths in the ‘90s, a young Robin was adopted by her un­cle, who still serves as a fa­ther fig­ure.

NNoah: The re­formed play­boy with whom Anna shared a brief fling — un­til Pa­trick and Robin stepped in and made it clear they weren’t com­fort­able with their par­ents be­com­ing an item!

OObrecht: The now (mostly) re­formed doc who poi­soned both Robert and Duke in her des­per­ate quest to win Fai­son’s love and ap­proval. While Duke’s neardeath ex­pe­ri­ence led Anna to re­al­ize the depth of her love, that didn’t stop her from bring­ing the vil­lain­ous doc­tor to jus­tice!

PPine Val­ley: Af­ter be­ing found alive years af­ter Fai­son’s boat ex­plo­sion, Anna was taken to this Philadel­phia sub­urb to be treated for seizures, tem­po­rar­ily re­lo­cat­ing her to ALL MY CHIL­DREN.

QQuar­ter­maines: The fam­ily that opened up its Shake­spearean gar­den for Robert and Anna’s wed­ding never dreamt that the bride would find a “de­ceased” Ed­ward alive and well while on her hon­ey­moon in Ber­muda!

RRobin: Af­ter spend­ing much of her child­hood in dan­ger and with­out her par­ents, Anna and Robert’s daugh­ter grew up to be one of Port Charles’ (and now Berke­ley’s) most tal­ented docs — which only in­creased her ap­peal to evil­do­ers like He­lena!

SS­cor­pio: Anna and her for­mer hus­band (twice over) and WSB part­ner, Robert, have sur­vived decades of a roller-coaster re­la­tion­ship that’s been filled with ad­ven­tures, dou­ble-crosses, love, lust, be­trayal and a se­cret daugh­ter! (See above.)

TTango: Af­ter Anna taught Duke the dance of love in 1986, their tan­gos be­came a spe­cial thing for the cou­ple and their fans. They even shared one last, fan­tasy dance af­ter his death.

UUn­stop­pable: Anna’s been frost­bit­ten, whacked over the head, kid­napped, stran­gled, locked in a meat locker, pre­sumed dead and even di­ag­nosed with can­cer… and she al­ways pulls through.

VValentin: This bas­tard Cas­sa­dine was Anna’s WSB train­ing pal — un­til her sis­ter pre­tended to be her and se­duced him into steal­ing the chimera! He har­bored a grudge un­til Alex’s dou­ble-cross was ex­posed. But even with the truth out there, Anna’s feel­ings for the killer have shifted only slightly.

WWorld Se­cu­rity Bureau: This in­ter­na­tional spy agency has kept Anna busy for decades and is now run by for­mer Port Charles op­er­a­tive/pop star Frisco Jones.

XXenophile: The Brit isn’t just an in­ter­na­tional spy liv­ing in the States — her great love sto­ries have been with a Scots­man, an Aussie and an Amer­i­can. She cer­tainly seems to be at­tracted to all things for­eign!

YYang: The iden­tity a pre­sumed-dead Robert as­sumed to get close to Mob boss Mr. Wu in or­der to steal the in­fa­mous Aztec trea­sure back from the dou­ble­cross­ing Sean Donely!

ZZipped: No one can keep her lips sealed bet­ter than Anna, who hid a mar­riage to Robert, her daugh­ter’s ma­ter­nity and pa­ter­nity, and more than a few of her pro­fes­sional part­ner­ships over the years!

“You don’t have to try too hard to save her.”

“Your Net­flix pass­word or your life!”

“Won­der Twin pow­ers… ac­ti­vate!”

“I get it al­ready — they were hitched!”

“I got Car­los’ Net­flix pass­word. Shall we

or­der in and watch Stay­ing Alive?”

“There’s no more cham­pagne? See ya, Pine Val­ley!”

“What’s Anna got that you don’t, Leisl? Well, for starters, my undy­ing af­fec­tion.”

“Man, we coulda bopped

till we dropped, too.”

“No, dear, I wasn’t ask­ing you to dip me. I made guac.”

Anna had Robin’s back… when she was around.

“I’ve got my eye on you. Both eyes, ac­tu­ally.”

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