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Whom did Sonny love first on GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL: Brenda or Lily? I feel like I re­mem­ber the two of them fight­ing over him. Min­erva John­son

Las Ve­gas, NV


We wouldn’t say Lily and Brenda nec­es­sar­ily fought over Sonny. He did, how­ever, ping­pong be­tween the two beauties on

more than one oc­ca­sion! Brenda first met Sonny in 1993, and the two were al­most im­me­di­ately drawn to each other. Lily came into the pic­ture the fol­low­ing year, when Brenda signed Miguel to L&B Records and Sonny de­cided to track down the ris­ing star’s long-lost love while the three of them were in Puerto Rico for a con­cert. Lily tried rekin­dling her flame with Miguel, but mostly just grew close to Sonny. Jeal­ousy soon cropped up be­tween the four, with things com­ing to a head when Lily over­heard that Brenda planned to wear a wire to ex­pose Sonny’s crim­i­nal deal­ings… for his own good, of course! She ran to Sonny, who called Brenda out and dumped her, while a disgusted Miguel did the same to Lily. Sonny al­most gave Brenda an­other chance, but when he caught her and Miguel in bed to­gether, he fig­ured it was time to give Lily a chance!

Q.When GH’s Liz was pre­par­ing for her wed­ding, she men­tioned Sab­rina had sup­ported her re­la­tion­ship with Franco. Wasn’t Sab­rina dead long be­fore Franco and Liz be­gan dat­ing?

Farah M. via E-mail

A.Not quite! Franco and El­iz­a­beth had their first date at the be­gin­ning of Au­gust. She was re­luc­tant to date him, given his past, but gave in to their at­trac­tion af­ter Jake pointed out how happy the artist made her. (Heck, even Franco’s in­sane mom, Heather, thought they made a good cou­ple!) While a lot of lo­cals tried talk­ing Liz out of dat­ing the for­mer se­rial killer, Sab­rina sup­ported the pair… right up un­til she was mur­dered by an­other lo­cal se­rial killer, Paul Hornsby, in mid Septem­ber.

Q.On DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Gabi said she wasn’t com­fort­able work­ing with Eve be­cause she’s the widow of her kid­nap­per, Deimos. But aren’t Eve and Gabi also re­lated some­how?

Jane M. via E-mail

A.The two aren’t re­lated di­rectly, but they do have a fam­ily con­nec­tion! Dur­ing the years that Gabi’s fa­ther, Ed­uardo, had aban­doned the fam­ily, he had been wed to Eve. At the time, though, Ed­uardo was an as­sas­sin who used the last name Lar­son, which means that their now-de­ceased daugh­ter, Paige Lar­son, had been Gabi’s half-sis­ter!

Af­ter that trip to Puerto Rico, Sonny and Brenda were all washed up.

El­iz­a­beth’s en­counter with a killer

ended far bet­ter than did Sab­rina’s.

“Eve, are you re­ally try­ing to play the fam­ily card to get a glass of my cham­pagne?”

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