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Although it’s clear that GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Ju­lian and Alexis have a whole lot of un­re­solved feel­ings, he seems poised this week to try to move on with an­other woman!

The In Depth Story: You know what that song ad­vises: “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Maybe that tune’s been play­ing on the juke­box at Char­lie’s, be­cause it looks as if Ju­lian is just about ready to not only ac­cept those words of wis­dom but act on them!

“Clearly, Ju­lian still has very strong feel­ings for Alexis,” says co-head­writer Shelly Altman. “In fact, both will cop to the fact they still have feel- ings for one an­other, even if they wish that they didn’t feel that way any longer.”

Does that mean that they want to be to­gether? Altman muses that the sit­u­a­tion isn’t quite so cut-and-dry. “I wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily say that one wants to be with the other, but there is still an un­de­ni­able pull be-

“There is still an un­de­ni­able pull be­tween Ju­lian and Alexis.”

tween Ju­lian and Alexis. It’s as if there are im­pulses be­yond their con­trol that they would prob­a­bly rather not be deal­ing with!”

And those im­pulses could prove ter­ri­bly prob­lem­atic for the for­mer spouses… espe­cially if they don’t find new out­lets for those lin­ger­ing feel­ings! Un­for­tu­nately, that could wind up

drag­ging other peo­ple into their drama… such as Finn and Kim.

When Finn and Ju­lian bump heads yet again, Alexis — in typ­i­cal Alexis style — blurts out some­thing she shouldn’t. And just at that ex­act mo­ment, Kim wan­ders in to wit­ness the en­tire ex­change! When you throw Finn’s feel­ings for Anna into the mix, it makes for what co-head- writer Chris Van Et­ten — in one of the great­est un­der­state­ments in re­cent his­tory — calls a “very messy sit­u­a­tion for every­one in­volved!”

As a re­sult, Kim and Ju­lian take a big step for­ward in their re­la­tion­ship. But is it a mis­take? “Kim is a smart cookie,” says Altman. “She has her own past, and she is not blind to Ju­lian’s feel­ings for Alexis.”

As for Ju­lian, “He keeps say­ing that he wants Alexis to be happy,” says Altman. “See­ing that she might be is cer­tainly part of the mo­ti­va­tion for him to con­sider seek­ing his own hap­pi­ness else­where!”

Ju­lian and Alexis need no words to con­vey how they feel. For ex­am­ple, here, each is hop­ing the other will bring them cof­fee.

Just try­ing to ex­plain the re­la­tion­ship be­tween these four would fill a whole mag­a­zine, so… here are two pic­tures of pretty peo­ple!

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