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This week, GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Sam fi­nally re­veals to Drew the se­cret that she’s been keep­ing from even her­self. Does this mean her mar­riage is over… and that she might fi­nally re­unite with Ja­son?

The In Depth Story: Ever since ad­mit­ting to Ja­son that she still loves him, Sam has known she would have to up­date the other man in her life, hus­band Drew. Not that any­thing has re­ally changed. “In some ways,” ad­mits co­head-writer Shelly Altman, “Sam is even more con­fused than be­fore! She knows that just say­ing the words out loud doesn’t change any­thing for her.” In other words, she’s still in love with two men!

Drew is rocked when Sam fi­nally ad­mits that she still has deep, un­re­solved feel­ings for Ja­son… and that she told her back-from-the-dead ex as much. “This is some­thing that Drew sus­pected might be an is­sue from the mo­ment that Ja­son came back into the pic­ture,” re­flects co-head­writer Chris Van Et­ten. “De­spite that, it’s an aw­ful lot for him to deal with.”

It’s so much, in fact, that Drew winds up walk­ing out on Sam. That does not, how­ever, mean the re­la­tion­ship is over… or that she’ll re­unite with Ja­son. “It’s not over for any of them,” pre­views Altman. “Not by a long shot!”

“In some ways, Sam is even more con­fused than be­fore!”

If there’s an up­side for Sam, it’s that no mat­ter which guy she chooses, she’ll prob­a­bly get to stay in the pent­house.

“Ja­son, here’s the thing: When I said that I love you, I meant to add the word ‘too.’ Now do you get my prob­lem?”

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