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This week on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, as Will and Paul take the next step in their rekin­dled re­la­tion­ship, Sonny goes out on a date with the new guy in town!

The In Depth Story: Anoth- er date be­tween Paul and Will this week leads to the for­mer flings mak­ing love for the first time since their years-ago tryst. Mean­while, Sonny de­cides that it’s high time he gets over his bro­ken heart where his ex-hus­band is con­cerned, and makes plans to go out with Salem new­comer Leo (played by THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS Emmy win­ner Greg Rikaart).

As it turns out, what Sonny doesn’t know about the hot­tie could very well hurt him, be­cause Leo is hid­ing a whop­per of a se- cret! It ap­pears that some­thing — or per­haps some­one — is be­hind his in­ter­est in the Ti­tan heir, and Kate comes this­close to stum­bling onto it. Look for her to hire Paul, of all peo­ple, to in­ves­ti­gate. Awk­ward!

Mean­while, Sonny’s had it up to here with Brady’s schem­ing with re­gard to Ti­tan, and the ten­sion be­tween them erupts. What Sonny needs most right now is for some­one to be on his side. Might a heart to heart with his mom, Adri­enne, ease Sonny’s trou­bled mind? Or will he re­main Leo’s easy mark?

While com­par­ing dat­ing hor­ror sto­ries with Leo, Sonny’s sure his “My ex-hus­band is dat­ing my ex-boyfriend!” tale is a win­ner.

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