What If Nelle’s Daddy Dear­est Isn’t Re­ally Dead?

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As bad as GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Nelle is, she’s not en­tirely to blame. Late fa­ther Frank’s “nur­tur­ing” warped her mind and con­vinced her to tar­get adoptive sis­ter Carly. Which got us to think­ing: What would it do to the neme­ses if it turned out that, like so many denizens of Port Charles, Frank wasn’t so much dead as “dead”?

The In Depth Story: As Nelle dives into yet another dark scheme against Carly, we can’t help but won­der what kind of twisted role model Frank was for the trou­bled young woman. Af­ter all, even af­ter learn­ing that he had re­peat­edly lied to her, Nelle had a hard time ac­cept­ing that her fa­ther had played her like a fid­dle. “It’s al­most like Nelle grew up in a cult,” sug­gests por­trayer Chloe Lanier, “be­ing brain­washed from an early age.”

Her on-screen big sis­ter agrees. “When Carly talked about all the bad things Frank did, Nelle said, ‘He was just try­ing to take care of our fam­ily. He loved us,’” re­minds Laura Wright, whose Carly was aban­doned by Frank when she was a tod­dler. “It was like you pulled the string and the doll talked. It was au­to­matic ‘blah’ Nelle had to train her­self to be­lieve so she could be­lieve her fa­ther loved her.

“Frank re­ally did a num­ber on her,” she adds with a sigh. While these days, the ten­sion be­tween Nelle and Carly is all about Michael and the baby on the way, imag­ine if GH in­tro­duced the vil­lain who so deeply af­fected both of these women. On the one hand, Frank’s “res­ur­rec­tion” could in­crease the ten­sion be­tween them. On the other, it could unite them against a com­mon foe.

As the proverb goes, the enemy of my enemy is

Carly and Nelle have a hell of a lot more in com­mon than they’d care to ad­mit. Em­pha­sis on the “hell.”

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