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How cool is it that the writ­ers have found a way to tell com­pletely sep­a­rate sto­ries for Carly and Sonny? Usu­ally, once a cou­ple is mar­ried on a soap, their tales tend to ei­ther be about them form­ing a united front to deal with an out­side threat or the is­sues which seem to be tear­ing them apart. In this case, how­ever, while Sonny is busy deal­ing with his … or is it a to­tal blast to see GH’s

Cur­tis and Jor­dan work­ing to­gether on a case? Thanks to their sexy repar­tee and killer chem­istry, their in­ter­ac­tions feel like a throw­back to clas­sic pair­ings like Nick and Nora Charles or, for the TV lit­er­ate, Jonathan and Jen­nifer Hart. Of course, if Jor­dan’s go­ing to spend all her time hang­ing out with her beau, she might as well just make him an of­fi­cial mem­ber of the force, if only for ap­pear­ances’ sake!

fa­ther’s Alzheimer’s diag- no­sis, Carly is be­ing gaslit by Nelle. Carly has thus far opted to keep her hus­band in the dark about the fact that she is be­ing “haunted” by Mor­gan, be­liev­ing Sonny has enough to deal with at the mo­ment. And it cer­tainly ap­pears that she’s right, given that Sonny is so con­sumed with Mike’s sit-

ua­tion that he isn’t nec­es­sar­ily see­ing what’s go­ing on with his in­creas­ingly freaked-out wife. We sus­pect that Carly’s de­ci­sion to keep quiet even­tu­ally will cause is­sues with Sonny — which will no doubt de­light Nelle — but so far, this is prov­ing to be a fun and dif­fer­ent way to tell a story for a cou­ple who’ve been through it all be­fore.

Two guns, no wait­ing!

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