Kiki Wants Ava’s Man!

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The gloves are about to come off as GH’s Kiki de­cides to pur­sue her own hap­pi­ness… no mat­ter how un­happy that makes her mother!

The In Depth Story: While Kiki and Grif­fin have al­ready had sex, their re­cent kiss was some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. “The night they slept to­gether, they both chalked it up to be­ing drunk,” her por­trayer, Hay­ley Erin, points out. “They said it was a mis­take, but when they kissed at the gym, they were very sober. They have this mu­tual at­trac­tion, and Kiki’s re­al­ized there’s some­thing there.”

Also dif­fer­ent is Kiki’s at­ti­tude about the pos­si­bil­ity of a ro­mance with Grif­fin. “Kiki doesn’t feel all that bad about this, be­cause a re­la­tion­ship with Ava is off the ta­ble,” Erin in­sists. “We haven’t talked much about Ava’s re­la­tion­ship with Mor­gan — or her re­la­tion­ship with Mor­gan un­der the guise of Denise! That was a full-on af­fair, as op­posed to one lit­tle tryst. Kiki was able to for­give her for some­thing so much worse… but Ava only be­lieves in forgiveness when it comes to her­self.”

Armed with her new at­ti­tude, Kiki’s not likely to back down. “She was such a pushover in the past,” con­cedes the ac­tress, adding that her re­cent vic­tory over Ben­sch has made a big im­pact. “That gave her the strength to stand up to Ava once and for all. Kiki’s been em­pow­ered and knows she doesn’t have to ac­cept any­thing less than what she thinks she de­serves.”

Not that Ava is likely to see things that way! “She’s so hurt,” Erin sighs. “If Ava gets to the point that she’s re­ally able to look at Kiki like an en­emy, not as a daugh­ter… well, we know what she does to her en­e­mies. We know what she’s ca­pa­ble of!”

Long be­fore Kiki and Grif­fin even thought of hook­ing up, Ava’s ac­tive imag­i­na­tion pre­dicted the pair­ing. But how will she re­act if they re­ally go from co-work­ers to full-blown cou­ple?

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