Iden­tity Crises

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When most of us ex­pe­ri­ence an iden­tity cri­sis, we won­der who we might be if we didn’t have our jobs, our fam­i­lies or our friends to de­fine us. But on the soaps from

ABC Day­time, iden­tity crises have been taken to whole other lev­els. Some­times char­ac­ters have taken on aliases — at times un­wit­tingly, for Pete’s sake! — that made their lives even more com­pli­cated and con­fus­ing than they al­ready were (and let’s be real: Their lives were al­ready com­pli­cated and con­fus­ing — they’re soap char­ac­ters!). In the pages that fol­low, Soaps In Depth re­views four par­tic­u­larly cu­ri­ous cases that make us pretty glad we’ve got only one per­sona to put forth.


Usu­ally, it’s the high-priced call girls who shed their reg­u­lar work­wear in fa­vor of some­thing, shall we say, more com­for ta­ble for their night jobs. How­ever, ELQ busi­ness­man Ned Ash­ton also had a knack for trans­form­ing into a dif­fer­ent per­son when he be­came rock star Ed­die Maine, the front­man for a band called (iron­i­cally) The Idle Rich. Ditch­ing his well­tai­lored suits for even tighter leather pants, he’d take to the stage and make the ladies swoon! He’d be­gun this dou­ble life in or­der to win the heart of a pretty record pro­ducer, Lois Cerullo, whom he didn’t want to know his true net worth. The schemer fell hard for her but was also in a tough spot: He was be­ing black­mailed down the aisle by Kather­ine Bell. In the end, he wound up hitched to them both! It wasn’t un­til much later that Ned man­aged to make Lois his one and only bride.

ALL MY CHIL­DREN’s Noelle/Sil­ver

Ad­mit­tedly, the am­ne­siac call­ing her­self Noelle Keaton didn’t know much, but she did feel cer­tain that the con­nec­tion that she felt to Erica Kane meant some­thing. Or at least more than what one feels for most celebri­ties! As it turned out, her gut was right. Noelle was dis­cov­ered to be Erica’s half sis­ter, Sil­ver, who’d been hyp­no­tized by her mother, Goldie, to kill Erica and pre­vent her from in­her­it­ing Cob­bler’s Is­land from their late dad. In­stead of seek­ing an­swers, Sil­ver sought treat­ment for her mem­ory prob­lem. How­ever, the doc­tor turned out to be both the per­son re­spon­si­ble for caus­ing it as well as her hus­band. D’oh! Worse yet, he’d been col­lud­ing with Goldie to get the is­land for them­selves. By the time Sil­ver had re­gained her mem­ory, she was on the verge of los­ing her mar­bles, and was killed while try­ing by any means nec­es­sary to re­move ri­val Natalie Mar­lowe from the life of her ob­ses­sion, Jeremy Hunter.


The Mes­sen­ger/Mitch/Michael

When you’re a charis­matic cult leader, it’s chal­leng­ing to slip seam­lessly into so­ci­ety. So it made sense that the man known sim­ply as The Mes­sen­ger would use his real name, Mitch Lau­rence, to do so. Un­for­tu­nately, it wasn’t just any so­ci­ety that he wanted to in­fil­trate; he wanted to hook up with Tina and to­gether get their hands on the Lord for­tune. Sure, he’d have to push her un­sta­ble half sis, Viki, over the edge to do so. But hey, that’s child’s play when you’re al­ready a men­tal ma­nip­u­la­tor… or so he thought. Mitch subse- quently re­turned — years after be­ing pre­sumed dead — us­ing yet an­other name: Michael Lazarus (which re­ally should have been a tipoff!). This time, he’d planned to se­duce Viki’s new­found daugh­ter, Natalie (the twin that Jes­sica didn’t know she had). Alas, he didn’t change his face, so it was no sur­prise when Viki ID’d him right away. How­ever, the man once known as The Mes­sen­ger did in­deed have ma­jor (if not seem­ingly im­pos­si­ble) news to im­part: He, and not Clint Buchanan, was Jes­sica’s bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther!

GH’s Ava/Denise

What did the gums­mack­ing, brunette bimbo call­ing her­self Denise DeMuc­cio have in com­mon with the pre­sumed­dead, so­phis­ti­cated, blonde art-gallery owner known as Ava Jerome? Ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing, given that they were one and the same per­son! An­gry that Dr. Si­las Clay had se­cretly saved her life (after all, she was still on the hook for mur­der) yet also eager to re­unite with her daugh­ters, Ava had rein­vented her- self as that well-worn soap sta­ple, the long-lost twin, and re­turned to Port Charles. She even kicked up the sparks with for­mer lover Mor­gan Corinthos, only to re­gret it and need an out. For­tu­nately, out­cast Franco needed to fake be­ing in a re­la­tion­ship, and Denise was just enough of an odd duck to be a good fit. Of course, the truth has a way of com­ing out in court, and after Si­las was mur­dered, that’s ex­actly what hap­pened when Scotty placed her on the hot seat dur­ing the trial. Oddly, once Denise was ex­posed as Ava, that hot seat got even hot­ter!

But­toned-down Ned (above) rocked his role of a singer (right).

Fur­ther com­pli­cat­ing mat­ters: Be­fore Sil­ver ar­rived in Pine Val­ley, an im­poster claimed to be her.And af­ter­wards? Jeremy’s girl­friend wound up, as youcan see, be­ing re­cast!

At first, Viki was at a loss try­ing to ex­plain to Natalie how she and her twin had dif­fer­ent dads. Then, she onlywished she was at a loss.

Si­las man­aged to keep a straight face when Kiki told Denise that she could feel her mother’s pres­ence in the room.

There was some­thing about Denise that Mor­gan just couldn’t re­sist. Prob­a­bly mainly that she looked just like Ava in a black wig and made love just like Ava.

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