Gold Star: Gar­ren Stitt (Os­car)

Gar­ren Stitt breathed life into Os­car’s death sen­tence

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As GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL’s Os­car fi­nally learned that he has can­cer, Gar­ren Stitt de­liv­ered a per­for­mance that was so mov­ing, it earned him this week’s Gold Star.

The Slip-Up

Cameron’s in­ter­est in Joss­lyn has given Stitt an op­por­tu­nity to round out his sweet, well-man­nered char­ac­ter and show Os­car’s jeal­ous, judg­men­tal side. But all the eye rolls, smirks and at­ti­tude quickly fell away once Cameron ac­cused Os­car of ly­ing about hav­ing can­cer! Clearly baf­fled, Os­car in­sisted that he was fine. He seemed both in­cred­u­lous and de­fen­sive — un­til Cameron ex­plained how he’d jumped to the “wrong” con­clu­sion. Though un­able to deny Cameron’s logic, Os­car de­clared that his par­ents would cer­tainly have told him if he had can­cer… only to re­al­ize that they might not have. Swear­ing his fren­emy to se­crecy, he rushed off to clear up what he hoped was a mis­un­der­stand­ing.

Say It Isn’t So

By the time Os­car got to Gen­eral Hospi­tal, he seemed wracked by doubt. His

voice cracked as he called, “Mom?” and then de­manded to know what was go­ing on in her of­fice — where she, Drew and Terry were meet­ing. And when he fi­nally asked if he had can­cer, the fear was all over his face. His eyes begged his par­ents to tell him that he was be­ing ridicu­lous. But nat­u­rally, their hes­i­ta­tion only sent him into a panic. Os­car was des­per­ate for the truth… but ter­ri­fied to hear it.

The Truth Hurts

When Kim fi­nally con­firmed his worst fears, Os­car tried to hold his emo­tions back… but couldn’t. His breath caught, his lips quiv­ered, and he let his mother hold him as he cried. Then, per­haps in­ten­tion­ally mis­un­der­stand­ing, he slowly talked him­self into be­liev­ing that his prognosis wasn’t re­ally all that dire. He even let a smile cross his face… only to have Kim re­veal that his tu­mor was both ma­lig­nant and grow­ing. “Am I dy­ing?” he whis­pered.

Lash­ing Out

When Kim fi­nally used the word fa­tal, Os­car had no tears. He was stunned… and then an­gry! This kid is known for show­ing the adults in his life re­spect and def­er­ence. Faced with his mor­tal­ity, how­ever, he lost all pa­tience with his par­ents, and a scowl over­took his sweet face. When Kim con­fessed that she’d kept Os­car’s ill­ness from him, Stitt let his char­ac­ter blow. Os­car was en­raged, but his eyes also re­flected a crush­ing be­trayal as he at­tacked his mother and then turned on Drew. “I can’t trust either one of you again,” he spat, and no mat­ter how hard Kim tried to pull him back in, he re­fused her com­fort.

Push­ing her away, Os­car stormed out and, in the soli­tude of the el­e­va­tor, raged for a mo­ment… only to col­lapse in tears. “I’m dy­ing,” he said aloud as if need­ing to hear it. The kid clearly wasn’t pre­pared for what lay ahead… but Stitt proved he cer­tainly was!

Stitt took Os­car from dis­be­lief to hor­ror.

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