Un­scram­ble the cir­cled let­ters to re­veal the GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL spot where Port Charles lo­cals like to break a sweat and let off steam.

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2. Peter ______

5. Ja­son’s twin brother (last name) 6. This is the real first name of


7. In­jured Port

Charles lo­cals are rushed here. (abbr.)

8. She sur­vived ter­mi­nal

leukemia and a fire. 12. The first name of


15. This doc goes by his

last name.

16. The first name of

Lulu’s por­trayer

17. She’s the boss at


19. Last name of


20. Maxie’s given name 22. She’s the daugh­ter of



1. She was a DVX

dou­ble agent.

3. He was able to see the

good in 8-Across. 4. Con­nie aban­doned him in a dresser drawer.

5. Sonny’s true love 6. He’s the younger

brother of 12-Across. 9. She started the

#GHToo move­ment. 10. Dr. Ben­sch sex­u­ally


this nurse.

11. He was once con­sid­ered the most treach­er­ous of all Cas­sadines.

13. The son 5-Across

never knew he had 14. The ______ fam­ily was once a pow­er­ful Port Charles Mob pres­ence.

18. Sonny’s youngest 21. He was Michael’s

bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther.

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