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Though Sonny played dumb about Mob lawyer Vin­cent Marino, Mar­gaux be­came con­vinced the don had killed her fa­ther. Al­though Mike was un­able to re­mem­ber where he’d put the gun, Sonny knew Mar­gaux wouldn’t stop look­ing. When Drew said that Ja­son’s mem­o­ries couldn’t help, she re­al­ized the in­fa­mous flash drive could. As this was go­ing on, the Corinthos clan pre­pared to honor the sec­ond an­niver­sary of Mor­gan’s death.


After Cameron blasted him for hid­ing his can­cer, Os­car ran to his par­ents — who con­firmed he had a life-threat­en­ing brain tu­mor, but hoped an ex­per­i­men­tal drug trial would buy him time. Once Kim re- vealed she’d known for years, Os­car stormed off and went ra­dio si­lent. With Drew and Kim pan­ick­ing, the teen vented to Ja­son be­fore fi­nally re­con­nect­ing with his par­ents. But the kid was spi­ral­ing. After meet­ing with Terry, Os­car or­dered his par­ents to keep his ill­ness a se­cret, ditched school and broke up with Joss­lyn — who’d been plan­ning to say “I love you.” Hav­ing been sworn to se­crecy, Cameron was caught in the mid­dle… so he agreed to help Joss win back Os­car.


Once the first DNA test came back pos­i­tive, Valentin told Nina about her daugh­ter, Sasha. Hav­ing just re­ceived their di­vorce pa­pers, Nina was sus­pi­cious, but Cur­tis’ in­volve­ment con­vinced her — as did a sec­ond DNA test! Still, Nina wasn’t sure how to pro­ceed, so she asked Peter for hy­po­thet­i­cal ad­vice. He sug­gested that Nina should reach out, but let Sasha de­cide the next step. Maxie, mean­while, told Peter to stop avoid­ing her.


While Anna was off hunt­ing Obrecht, Finn pushed Peter to rec­og­nize his mother’s love, but the pub­lisher wasn’t in­ter­ested. The way Finn

treated his own fa­ther, you’d think he’d have un­der­stood! When Chase — who’d been part­nered with Va­lerie at work — won­dered what had caused the ten­sion be­tween his half-brother and fa­ther, Gre­gory asked him to look into it… be­cause he didn’t know!


With the an­niver­sary of Ryan’s ram­page get­ting tons of press, Fe­li­cia told Lulu she was a sur­vivor and would speak on be­half of those he’d si­lenced. But she re­fused to talk to other out­lets. When Fe­li­cia later met Lucy, Mac and “Kevin” for a night out, she trash-talked Ryan… who could only sit and fume in si­lence and in­dig­na­tion. Think­ing her ex-hus­band was feel­ing ill, Lucy in­sisted she’d check on him later, so Ryan pre­pared to mur­der her… only to have Laura come home un­ex­pect­edly! After eas­ily ex­plain­ing away the plas­tic sheet­ing over the fur­ni­ture, Ryan feigned be­ing ill to avoid sleep­ing with his brother’s wife. At the hospi­tal, Ryan took on a slew of new pa­tients in­clud­ing Carly (his for­mer Fern­cliff neigh­bor), Peter (at Maxie’s be­hest) and Ava, with whom he was im­me­di­ately cap­ti­vated.


With Ava’s venge­ful fury push­ing them to­gether, Grif­fin and Kiki fi­nally con­fessed their at­trac­tion… and kissed! Un­able to for­give Jor­dan, Stella told Cur­tis she couldn’t at­tend his wed­ding. Since Wi­ley had Michael’s ge­netic heart con­di­tion, Lu­cas wanted to ques­tion the birth mother — and Ju­lian had to talk down baby-swap­per Brad!

“You don’t like my cof­fee? Mar­gaux, that wounds me. Deeply!”

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