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We play 20 Ques­tions with THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’s Heather Tom (Katie)!

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THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’s Heather Tom (Katie) has a rep­u­ta­tion for be­ing one smart cookie, which is why we were hop­ing to stump her when it came time to quiz the ac­tress on her char­ac­ter’s sto­ried past. Could the Emmy win­ner re­mem­ber ar­cane facts from Katie’s his­tory? Can you? Com­pare your an­swers to Tom’s to de­ter­mine if you’re a true Katie Lo­gan con­nois­seur!

What neigh­bor­hood did Katie grow up in?

HEATHER TOM: “I want to say Van


IN­COR­RECT! Sher­man Oaks. (She was pretty close, though!)

What is Katie’s mid­dle name?

TOM: “Ehhh… mid­dle name? I don’t know! Kather­ine Caro­line? I have no clue. What is it?”

IN­COR­RECT! El­iz­a­beth (after Beth).

When you first joined the show, Katie came to town for a wed­ding. Whose wed­ding, and what did Katie do to throw a wrench into the fes­tiv­i­ties?

TOM: “It was Donna and Thorne’s wed­ding, and Katie outed Donna for mar­ry­ing Thorne just for re­venge.”

COR­RECT! At what cou­ple’s wed­ding did Katie once of­fi­ci­ate?

TOM: “Oh, um, Brid­get and Nick.” COR­RECT!

When they thought that Katie was dy­ing, Brid­get and Nick planned a spe­cial themed party for her. What was that theme?

TOM: “It was a prom! It was so em­bar­rass­ing. The story was that a boy asked Katie to prom in high school, and she had her acne, and it was all a joke. Ev­ery­one laughed at her. So we had to film a flash­back of that where they put fake zits on me. It was trau­matic!”

COR­RECT! What “fa­vor” did Nick do for Katie on the

is­land of Catalina?

TOM: (Laughs hys­ter­i­cally.) “Was it a fa­vor? It was pity sex!”


When Katie first started get­ting chummy with Nick, they bonded over the fact that they both liked the same snack. What was that food item? TOM: “Pret­zels?” IN­COR­RECT! Pis­ta­chios.

What em­bar­rass­ing thing hap­pened to Katie on the night she first met Bill?

TOM: “She got wasted and passed out.” COR­RECT!

Katie, Brooke and Donna once mod­eled a line of fash­ions for For­rester. What was the name of that line?

TOM: “The Roy­alty line!”


When Katie was CEO of For­rester Cre­ations, the For­rester fam­ily at­tempted to sab­o­tage her by cre­at­ing a new line called Dare. What was un­usual about the line? TOM: “It was hideously ugly.” COR­RECT!

Katie once planned a vow-re­newal cer­e­mony for her and Bill dur­ing their first mar­riage, but she ended up in the hospi­tal be­fore the day was over. What did she learn that caused her to suf­fer a heart at­tack?

TOM: “That he was fooling around with St­effy!”

COR­RECT! What did Bill do to Katie to pre­vent her from telling Hope that St­effy’s brain in­jury was fake?

TOM: “Is that when he locked her in the tower?”

COR­RECT! Who did Katie meet up with dur­ing her neardeath ex­pe­ri­ence when she gave birth to Will? TOM: “Storm.” COR­RECT! What fa­mous paint­ing…

TOM: “The Scream!” That’s cor­rect, but you haven’t even heard the whole ques­tion! It was, “What fa­mous paint­ing was hang­ing on the wall in the room where Katie was suf­fer­ing from post­par­tum de­pres­sion?”

TOM: “Be­cause her de­pres­sion man­i­fested it­self in fine art! So I knew it was The Scream,” by Ed­vard Munch.


Whose birth­day was be­ing cel­e­brated when Katie went into a rage and ended her mar­riage to Bill?

TOM: “Brooke’s.” COR­RECT! What per­cent­age of Spencer Publi­ca­tions did Katie win in that di­vorce set­tle­ment? TOM: “One per­cent.” COR­RECT! What in­cred­i­bly lav­ish present did Bill once give Katie when…

TOM: (In­ter­rupts.) “A tiara!” COR­RECT!

We all know that Ridge gave Katie a red rib­bon en­gage­ment ring. Where did he get the rib­bon?

TOM: “From around the neck of a stuffed bear. That one’s welded into my mem­ory be­cause I had to wear that thing for three months!”


What was the name of Katie’s realestate agent when she bought her most re­cent place?

TOM: “Well, it was Don Di­a­mont’s (Bill) wife, so did they name her Cindy? Wow, I can’t re­mem­ber this one, and it’s the most re­cent ques­tion you’ve asked me.”


What is Will’s mid­dle name?

TOM: “Um, Wil­liam… What’s his mid­dle name? I don’t know! Is he a third? So what’s Bill’s mid­dle name?”

IN­COR­RECT! Lo­gan.

TOM: “Maybe. Okay.”

HOW’D SHE SCORE? Tom has a firm grasp on the his­tory of her al­ter ego, and while she couldn’t re­mem­ber ev­ery de­tail (miss­ing five out of 20), she of­fered up a few an­swers be­fore we could even fin­ish recit­ing the ques­tions! Of course, the real proof of Tom’s fa­mil­iar­ity with her char­ac­ter lies not in ob­scure trivia but rather, in her ev­ery­day por­trayal — and let’s face it, those three Em­mys she’s won for the role (and twice as many nom­i­na­tions) would in­di­cate that the ac­tress is an A+ per­former where it counts!

“Crap. Is Katie still glar­ing?” “Re­ally? You had pim­ples? No zit!”

“I like my women like I likemy snack foods: salty.” “Wait, when wasLa­bor Day?” “Way to go, Bill. You lit­er­ally broke her heart.” “How’s the weather?”

“The only don­key you’ll be pin­ning the tail on to­day, Brooke… is named Bill.”“New motto: no strings at­tached.” “No, I don’t mind that you got my name wrong at all, Cal­lie!”

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